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  • SubGenre:Political Ideologies / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:102
  • eBook ISBN:9780983905707

Man, Community and Living the American Dream

Solutions for Real Global Change

by Steven Machat

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This booklet is the controversial excerpt from the forthcoming (Oct 2011) book HIGHWAYS OF MAN - Man, Community and Living the American Dream gives Steven's conclusions from his extensive research into the history of Man and traveling the highways of the world searching for understanding as to why we cannot maintain peace with love and communal support on our planet. This booklet offers Steven’s insights into human nature as well as the structures, such as the global banking order, organized religions and ignorance, in our societies that have kept us bound, preventing us as One consciousness from moving into peace. Steven also gives the prescription for us to walk into a new One World Order that allows for the dignity of all.
To the People of the United States of America, today in our world we have new political upheaval being created in the Middle East. This upheaval is not caused by any fundamentalist Islamists activities or the bad wolf Al-Qaida that we are all taught are here to blow us up; an organization that our US unelected government have taught and financed to kill. No, it is being caused by people, the same type of person as you and I, looking for a government of the people, by the people and for the people in their community called a nation to provide the basic needs of any government. Those needs are to secure the health, welfare and safety of the community of Man. Today you are seeing the United States and the EU of the Christian Empires still trying to maintain a world of economic control by the Banksters, who have created a system based on debt that can never be repaid in anyones lifetime, not just our own. The debt is a cancer of our society and it will eat us all up. We are days away from a revolution of the people in these economic lands that gave birth to this banking system. The system needs to be retired at once and let a new one begin. One that provides for Man the health, welfare and safety of community and one that allows the sport of capitalism to thrive. Today you are witnessing Earth Changes. The consciousness of Earth is doing this to remind us that we, as a community of Man, are visitors to Earth. We must act as one community to survive, or if we stay divided as individuals, in controlling religious and Nation-States that do not share, then we will all just disappear. This booklet shares the conclusions from the forthcoming book, HIGHWAYS OF MAN. It tells us what we all must understand, who we are, and what we must do together to survive to make Earth, once again, the Heaven that we came to live in, for the here and now.
About the author
Steven Machat is a renaissance man. Raised and trained in the US with the weapons of Accounting and Law as his economic military background. He was poised to help fellow man steal, as opposed to share with others, so he could be one of the few to perpetuate the theft of fellow man, in a world run by the Banksters, who own and control our thought system. This system teaches us we cannot share and that this theft is justifiable under the Judeo-Christian religions of Sun God. Steven has travelled the world making music and protecting his musicians, as outlined in his previous book, GODS, GANGSTERS AND HONOUR. Over the last 5 years, Steven has been continuing his journey into the lands of our world, material & spiritual to discover truth. Digging away the dirt on the Highway, back to Man’s love that created all of us in our 3-D form. The book that this excerpt comes from explains the history of Man, each and every time that man is collectively ready to step up to the plate and take control of their collective destiny. It shows you why we struck out and for once, how instead of trying to hit the proverbial home run or get as an individual the only score in an otherwise scoreless game, we must all win the game of survival as a team. Then with this team survival we can create the individual sport so each of us can have that home run or winning score that does not affect man’s ability to survive, but allows us the ability to thrive. Steven considers himself a resident of nowhere and everywhere – planet Earth is his home, at least for now…