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  • SubGenre:Interpersonal Relations
  • Language:English
  • Pages:382
  • eBook ISBN:9780998820118
  • Paperback ISBN:9780998820101

Love With Fight in Its Heart

Finding grace here at the end of the human story

by Rich Snowdon

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We are a species in deep trouble. What if the trouble is too deep? What if it's too late to save ourselves? What if there's no hope for us?

I've written this book for people who are hurting in a special way. It's for you if you're scared about the future. It's for you if you've put your heart into saving the world and gotten your heart broken. It's for you if you no longer believe in hope, and don't want it back, but you refuse, absolutely refuse, to surrender to despair.

Love with Fight is not a how-to, it's not a pep talk. I don't have ten easy steps for dealing with the death of hope. This is a book of nurturance.

My message is dark, but it's not one of defeat. In this time of distress, in the face of terrible danger, you get to fight for yourself like never before. You get to ask more of love than you've ever asked of it.


This book is not for everyone. Marketers say that kind of thing as a gimmick, but I mean it. Love with Fight begins with the death of hope. Please do not underestimate how painful that death can be.

What matters most is that you take very good care of yourself as you read. I’ve made a post-hope life for myself over a period of decades. I’ve gotten used to it step by step. But in this book I’m giving you the full dose all at once.

So I urge you to pace yourself. Take time out when you need to. Read with a friend so neither of you has to take this journey alone. And if you need to stop reading altogether, please do that, please stop.

Also I want you to know that the death of hope is only the inciting incident. The real story here is about upgrading love, fiercening it up, making of love something way better than the default version evolution gave us.

About the author
Rich Snowdon has lived on the far side of hope for many years and has learned how to generate blessings in this place of sorrow. For two decades, he coached nonprofit leaders on their toughest issues. Now he works with people who have lost hope. He helps them deepen their compassion for themselves and strengthen their fighting spirit. He helps them create a rich, resilient post-hope life, one they can believe in, one they can love. Find out more at www.lovewithfight.com. His second book is free at www.advocating4activists.net.