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  • Genre:BIBLES
  • SubGenre:God's Word / Reading
  • Language:English
  • Pages:90
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350918014

Lord, Open My Spiritual Eyes

Discovering the Hidden Blessings and Experiencing the Supernatural of God

by Panthio Antoine

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In his book, "LORD,OPEN MY SPIRITUAL EYES: Discovering the Hidden Blessings and Experiencing the Supernatural of God "he's evoking the believers to grasp and comprehend the necessity of the spiritual sight to accomplish the will of God and to detect the enemy's schemes just like Elisha did. Spiritual sight is a gift from God. Let's use it in our defense and walk from victory to victory.
In the modern world, Christians often prioritize their physical senses—such as sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch—over their spiritual senses. Concerned about their physical well-being, they diligently visit specialists for regular check-ups, fearing the loss of vision, hearing, or speech. While it is crucial to take care of our physical senses, as they were bestowed upon us by God to serve us, we must also recognize the significance of nurturing our spiritual senses. After all, our bodies are considered temples of the Lord. When our physical senses are functioning optimally, we can accomplish much for ourselves, our families, and our friends, leading to a heightened sense of self-worth. However, if we solely focus on our physical senses, we risk neglecting the profound spiritual dimension that can elevate our lives and enable us to perceive the world from a divine perspective. In the Bible, we find numerous references to the importance of spiritual eyesight and hearing, which transcend the limitations of our physical faculties. By directing our attention towards developing our spiritual senses, we can unlock a deeper connection with God, gain insight into His purposes, and navigate life's challenges with wisdom and discernment. In this book, we will explore the transformative power of opening our spiritual eyes. Drawing upon biblical teachings and principles, we will delve into the reasons why Christians should prioritize their spiritual senses alongside their physical ones. Through inspiring anecdotes, practical guidance, and biblical truth, we will discover how cultivating our spiritual senses can enrich our relationship with God, illuminate His truth, and empower us to live purposefully in a world often overshadowed by superficial concerns.
About the author
PanthioAntoine,adispenserof the Word and a speaker a husband and a father, an entrepreneurandawriter,who ispassionatetolive,please,and honortheLordwithallwhohe is_spirit-soul-body. He'sayoungpreacherwhoaspirestosharetheGospel notonlywithhislifestyle,amicrophone,butalsowith hiswritings.Hispassionistoequip,encourage,expand, elevate,andempowerthebodyofJesusChrist_the Church;he'salsopassionateabouttheyoungmarried couples.Hisdesireistoseethem thrivingandglorifying Godintheirmarriage.AtSoutheasternUniversityhe's studied MinisterialLeadership:PastoralCare and Counseling