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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Education / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:45
  • eBook ISBN:9781667872216

Living with the Mind of Christ

by Matthew Clem

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I wrote this book to become a starting point for new and seasoned believers in Christ, to enjoy a life of obedience and faithfulness to God and enjoy the life He provided to those who love Him. I kept my book short and sweet. To be a easy ready so that you the reader would get the most out of it.
My book is to encourage the reader to walk in the promises of God by obtaining the mind of Christ. I have kept my book short and to the point. Even though it's a powerful revelation of what I've discovered, it's easy to read and understand. I've been guilty of making things more complicated than they should be and this is a compact version of how simple it is to put into practice the practice of having a Christ like mind. The most common thing about Christians is we tend to put off the calling God has placed on our heart and we don't act in faith like we should. To be honest I've procrastinate on publishing this book and now since I've made the commitment I'm actually relieved and encouraged it'll get in the right hands of many believers. So consider taking this as a act of faith in order to be encouraged and start living a life full of peace and joy unto God calls you home.
About the author
My intent is to open the eyes of believers from my own experiences and provide guidance through this book that is easy to read and straight to the point. I began my walk with God in my early years and have been on a journey in which I discovered a life of pure peace and love. I've overcome many generational curses and continuing to grow in my faith. I love sharing my experiences and what's been laid on my heart to share with fellow followers of Christ and even introduce the greatest gift of God which is salvation. Throughout my life I've experienced many ups and downs but by the grace of God made it through and come out of the trials closer to God than ever before. I enjoy this life that I've been blessed with and just want to reveal my discoveries and experiences to help lead other people into a more intimate relationship with God. Throughout the years I've discovered that the kingdom of God is within us and if we knock it'll be opened to us and we can enjoy this life with the mind of Christ and inherit the promises of God. I've struggled with depression anxiety and other mental issues that I've managed to overcome through the Holy Ghost. I've discovered this life of abundant living knowing everything works out for my good and was called to share the insight I've received along the years that called for trust and being totally dependent on the love of God to lead me through many trials and difficulties. I live a humble life. I have a good wife and three wonderful children and have received many blessings, answered prayers, and favor when I received the mind of Christ. Many people miss out on this type of life due to sin that covers this world with lies and deceit of the enemy. My calling in to shine the light on this darkness and help others enjoy this peace,joy, and love, that is freely given by God. Living a life of obedience is hard to do and is impossible without the Holy Ghost but with God all things are possible. So thank you for taking the time to let me express my passion for my calling and I encourage you to get a copy and truly seek and find this life of picking up your cross and following Christ into a life that is very rewarding.