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  • SubGenre:Personal Memoirs
  • Language:English
  • Pages:269
  • eBook ISBN:9781623096304

Live Laugh Lemonade

A Journey Of Choosing To Beat The Odds

by Kendra Gottsleben

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This book is about a journey of overcoming many obstacles in life and always conquering them with a positive and upbeat attitude, despite having a rare medical condition called Mucopolysaccharide Type VI. Life has many challenges for everyone, but it is what we do with those challenges that make us who we are today. I live life with the motto "When Life Hands You Lemons...Make the Best Lemonade Possible!"


Despite being less then three feet tall and having a rare medical condition called Mucopolysaccharide Type VI, I have chosen to live my life with a positive outlook and determination to achieve all my dreams. This book describes my approach to life and how I have taken advantage of its many lessons along the way. Regardless of the size or scale of many obstacles, I have--with God's strength and the support of family and friends--achieved numerous goals in my life and I'm determined to accomplish countless more. I'm a true believer that the attitude we take in life is what helps us succeed in everything we set out to do. Embracing a popular motto about "Life's Lemons," I've taken it one step further -- "When Life hands you Lemons, turn right around and squeeze those Lemons to make the BEST Lemonade possible." My wish for you is that this book provides the inspiration to always make the "BEST Lemonade possible" in your life!

About the author

I‘m a 29 year old whose main goal in life is helping families and children who have a severe or life-threatening illness or disability. I have experienced many stays in the hospital and have lived the dread of numerous doctor appointments, which helps me to recognize and comprehend what it is like to be a child/teenager with the medical world as a part of their life. I know that I can't relate to each and every child's individual situation, but I have a better knowledge than others do when it comes to worrisome doctor appointments. Having someone who knows what it is like to want to be anywhere else but in the hospital or doctors office can ease a child’s fears. As I have grown up I have seen how having a child with an illness/disability can impact parents and the family unit. That is why I want to also assist parents through the process of dealing with severe illnesses and disabilities. I want to be there for other families during their challenging times. Life is tough no matter who we are...but its up to us to take those challenges and keep moving forward!