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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Success
  • Language:English
  • Pages:431
  • eBook ISBN:9781467533928

Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject

Tear Down the Walls Holding Back Your Success

by Peter Bennett

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Aiming higher than your reach is just one of the hundreds of success principles you’ll learn in the exciting 13 chapters of Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject. As for your instructors, not even Harvard could have attracted such an assembly of superstars. From Jesus Christ to J.C. Penney and from Socrates to The Simpsons, your amazing teachers will inspire and motivate you to tear down every wall holding back your success! At its core, Life Lessons is about breaking barriers to achieve more in life, business, relationships, etc., and producing at a higher level, whether your goal is better health or wealth or to improve one’s self! Told by Harvard Reject Peter Bennett and Stanford Graduate Peter Bennett whose amazing insights will energize you to examine the world and yourself in a whole new light.
Every so often a book comes along that strives for the extraordinary and actually achieves it … one that far exceeds its already ambitious reach. That book is Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject by Peter Bennett. It starts with a story about the Statue of 3 Lies, which sits in Harvard Yard. Though the name “John Harvard” and founding date of the institution are carved in stone, neither is accurate. Harvard didn’t even found America’s oldest university. The bronze figure itself might as well be Peter Pan because no one knows what Harvard looked like. No records existed when Daniel French, sculptor of the Lincoln Monument, started his “Harvard” commission. Only such a story could be told by a Harvard Reject who, like Warren Buffett, Tom Brokaw and a host of others, was denied admission as is the case with about 94% of all applicants. But Harvard Reject is not a book about sour grapes. Rather, every compelling chapter and sub-chapter motivates and inspires readers to be more than they ever thought they could be. Indeed, while it serves as a self-improvement guide and playbook loaded with advice and supported by hundreds of fascinating facts, anecdotes, and sayings -- all put into historical context -- it counsels readers to always seek and verify their own truth (nullius in verba), even when the supposed truth is etched in stone. Any reader that has enjoyed the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Road less Traveled, The Power of Positive Thinking, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and other self-improvement classics will absolutely admire and adore Life Lessons of a Harvard Reject. Moreover, the teachers in the book include everyone from Jesus Christ to J.C. Penney and from Socrates to The Simpsons. If you at all aspire to be a little better tomorrow than you are today, Life Lessons will show you how to: • React quicker • Change faster • Dream bigger • Focus better • Get healthier • Sell sooner • See farther • Work smarter • Think deeper • Give and risk more The above are just a few of the lessons, but the real value of the book is the enthusiasm for life it generates. It’s edgy, humorous, hysterical, historical, angry at times, reverential and always respectful. Parents, students, teachers, business leaders, coaches, players and anyone else who wants to make an impact in this world will find Life Lessons a constant and abundant source of motivation, inspiration, and wonder. It will help you tear down every wall holding back your success and bash every barrier that has kept you from achieving what you most want from life. Don’t judge Life Lessons by its title or its cover; trust its contents. Inside, you'll find your truth. Let the lessons begin!
About the author
Harvard Reject and Stanford Graduate Peter Bennett is president of Applause Marketing and publisher of LaVerneOnline.com, a community newspaper. He has served as a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, managing editor of American Bungalow magazine, writer for the Daily Racing Form, and media and public relations practitioner for multiple Fortune 500 companies. “I’ve been involved in journalism in one form or another since I was 5 years old. My first job was pulling my red wagon around town, peddling the Sunday paper for a quarter. I’m still pulling that wagon a half-century later, only the load of responsibility is bigger and broader! As for my style, I’ve gone from being a writer to a wryter, seeking and finding more humor, irony, wonder, perspective and inspiration each day.”