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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Criticism & Interpretation / New Testament
  • Language:English
  • Pages:374
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543962598

Life Defined By Jesus Christ

What Jesus Did and Did Not Say About Life, Death, The Soul and Eternity

by Su Z Kane

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Jesus Christ Jesus Defined Life 2000 Years Ago

Wouldn't you like to know what he really said?


What if I told you that much of traditional Christian doctrine hinges on a New Testament word that didn't exist in Jesus's teachings?  Imagine you could go back and listen to Jesus preach in his native tongue.

What if you found out that through millennia of translation, we've misunderstood his words and walked away from his vital teachings on the nature of existence, salvation and eternity?

In Life Defined, we'll examine two of Jesus's most used words for life, psuche and zoe, in their original Greek context. Each had profound differences in the way Jesus denotatively used them, yet English bibles either translate them interchangeably or split one word's finite definition into two English words that hold very different meanings--one of which doesn't contain a parallel in Jesus's teachings. (In the author's opinion).

We've oversimplified Jesus's message and have consequently missed the definitive points in his original teachings on life, death, the soul, and eternity itself. How and when did this obscurity occur? What are the consequences of this? Is it possible to have clarity as to what Jesus really said?

Delve in and hold on as we untangle millennia of confusion and ambiguity to restore clarity to these life changing teachings.

Learn why Jesus gave his life and how he defined the real issues of this world.

About the author

Su Z Kane is not the real name of the author, but a pen name. Su Z Kane is an aptronym.

It is my heart's desire and prayer that every one who reads this book, will remember that within the psuche of all believers, abides the zoe of Jesus, via the indwelling Holy Spirit. It is this zoe of God, that gives all believers immortality, as well as restoring the deep, rich, continuous abiding fellowship with the Father, Son, and Spirit that we can enjoy while we are still living in this life (psuche) on earth.

If you are a believer and remember nothing else from this book, please hold on to the fact that your psuche is indwelt by the life giving zoe of God, and this gift of zoe, makes you a child of God.

One of the most prevalent forms of psuche that occurs in the new testament is "psuchane", pronounced Su-Kane. The middle initial of the pen name, "Z" represents the indwelling Zoe of God. Su Z Kane is merely an aptronym to remind you of who you are in Christ. Nothing more. Your psuche, has been saved, through the indwelling gift of zoe.

This will ultimately result in eternal life (zoe unto the ages) for the believer, upon the day of resurrection.

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