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  • SubGenre:Water Sports / Swimming & Diving
  • Language:English
  • Pages:58
  • eBook ISBN:9781626750739

Learn to Swim

Teaching You to Teach Your Child to Swim

by Benjamin Roberts

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In his book 'Learn to Swim', Benjamin Roberts shares his vast experience and understanding of teaching children to swim, with you, the parent in a simple to follow reader friendly book with wonderful illustrations. Teaching a child to swim is something any parent can do if given the knowledge to do so. Well this book will give you the knowledge! It will also do it in a fun and enjoyable way and will give you a sense of achievement that will remain with you for ever.
Benjamin Roberts is an experienced Swimming instructor, School Teacher and Lifeguard who has combined his first class knowledge of teaching beginners to swim with his professional understanding of how children learn in order to write this book which will help parents, step parents, grand parents and anyone else who wants to teach their child to swim. It goes from the very beginning, building confidence to swimming front crawl and breathing. Ben has a wonderful way of getting his theory across in his classes and this is quite evident in his writing style. It has been written in a very 'reader friendly' way with wonderful illustrations to support the text. Quite simply, this book will teach you how to teach your child to swim and it will do so in an enjoyable way. Teaching your child to swim is something any parent can do, given the knowledge to do so. It will give you a wonderful sense of achievement.
About the author
Benjamin Roberts is an experienced Swimming instructor, School Teacher and Lifeguard. He is happily married to Danielle and has two wonderful step-children, Corey and Kelsey and at the time of writing this bio is only three months away from the birth of his first child with Danielle. The family live in the United Kingdom in a small village called Llanharry in South Wales. Being a Swimming Teacher, School Teacher and Lifeguard is a wonderful combination as he understands fully how best to educate non-swimming children and adults in both water safety and the practises which are essential in the process of learning to swim. His methods, which have been perfected over many years, are different to that of many instructors. He focusses on the importance of teaching beginners about their own natural buoyancy right from the start through breath control practises and relaxation.