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  • SubGenre:Leadership
  • Language:English
  • Pages:145
  • eBook ISBN:9780992712716

Leadership Cake

A Recipe For Success In Leadership

by Steve Rush

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If you want to accelerate your career success and become a great leader, you must have the right balance of key ingredients. As you read this book, it will: Help you identify the four must-have ingredients to creating your Leadership Cake Provide examples of having too much or too few of important leadership elements Show you how to stand out from others as a leader Provide tips for creating a personal brand that serves you and reflects your values and leadership style
I understand that for many of you having any length of experience in leading others and teams, there are so many models, philosophies and structures you could follow, it is challenging to decide which one is the right one. My approach is very simple: In my twenty-two years of leading people, from small teams to large global businesses, the “many models” approach is a good one. This means that no one model on its own will suffice, but you should take elements from as many models as you can to help you define your thinking. My research and experience tells me that it is not about the model, nor is it about the role, the organization, or the task, but it is about whether the individual who “LEADS” that team has all the necessary ingredients. It is also about mixing those leadership ingredients in the right quantity to be the most effective and successful leader he or she can be. The leaders I have worked with, when asked, “what is it that makes you a leader,” generally did not identify with any specific characteristics, traits or styles that led to their leadership career. In most cases, their leadership experience had emerged from their life and work experiences both consciously and subconsciously. Without fail I used to hear, “I wish I’d had a recipe for success years ago.” This book explores the principle that leadership is created just like a cake; it’s a whole creation, born out of a list of ingredients, all of which are essential to create the perfect cake. The cake is a metaphor for you, and the ingredients and construction are you and your style. Our recipe will help you become a great leader. Get your ingredients, mixing and baking right, and you are a great leader; get them wrong and you (and your Cake) can taste awful.
About the author
Steve is the CEO of Improov Consulting. Steve has had a successful Executive Leadership career with several global businesses where he was personally responsible for multi-million dollar revenue and billions of dollars of funds and assets. He became a coach and business consultant to other executives to pass on his learning, studies and leadership lessons. Steve has experienced extremes of leadership styles: he has been lead by and has lead the good, bad and indifferent types of leaders. He now coaches, trains and supports leaders from junior level to international CEOs of global organizations. After extensive research and testing of Leadership Cake “live” with leaders, their feedback has inspired him to share and develop the Leadership Cake philosophy. Of course, the proof is in the eating.