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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:136
  • eBook ISBN:9781617921889


A Literary Rampage by Kristiana Jourgensen

by Kristiana Jourgensen

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This book is a compilation of internal and sociological observances, opinions and angry rantings, carefully extracted from the mind of a twisted yet evolutionary, and unique fire ball of a woman. In a refreshing and humorous spite towards literary tradition, there is an intentional disregard to the pursuit of perfect content and instead more focus on capturing a blatant, "hairy balls in your face", kind of honesty and emotion that rarely is so bravely expressed or documented as raw or enjoyably as this.
This book is a courageous and stark glimpse into a pioneering woman’s sporadic attempts at self and worldly comprehension. Accented by an indulgent preoccupation to excessively analyze and berate human behaviors, there looms an egocentric quality that plays out as more of a celebrated spectacle than an offensive assault. While noble in its attempts; any positivity in this book is immediately offset by the out of control, nebulous spectrum of my soul. Compiled with a diarrheic quality in parts, there is a sublime and well- justified cynicism that spews from every consonant and vowel that has the dis-grace of being a part of this rebellion to classic literary rules. It’s very apparent to me that this book was written out of my own brazen need for self-preservation. Yet that is not to discount the underlying intention and hope that this work will find its way to the eyes of the hungry, alienated and fed up souls that I believe would greatly enjoy it. -My ego self-conscious For more information, writing and awesomeness check out my website: www.Kristianity.biz
About the author
I am Kristiana Jourgensen, a 30 year old woman with the Norwegian Berserker blood of the Vikings running through me. There is nothing you wouldn't here about me from my friends that doesn't somehow relate back to this heritage. Feisty, adventurous, angry, brave, saucy, intelligent and resourceful etc. I was raised in North Carolina and Wyoming and was a van traveler for many years coast to coast since then. I am a "Jill of All Trades"- and master of none, except being a gypsy Scallywag. I hold a degree in Massage Therapy from The Heartwood Institute in Garberville, California and an Associates in Recording Arts from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. I have been an X-rated cake decorator, waitress, massage therapist, and secretary all over this country but those were just jobs to bide my time while I looked far and wide for any remote signs of intelligence on this planet and tried to figure out just exactly what I was going to do with my time here. Now that I've been around and found a handful of amazingly conscious friends I now know that I am here to write and that is all I want to do besides travel and go to as many musical events as possible in my life.