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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Biographical
  • Language:English
  • Pages:337
  • eBook ISBN:9781482897388

Know No Boundaries

Where Do I Belong? Does Anything Belong to Me?

by Lateral Collateral

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This book is different from any other book It is neither a thesis, nor it is a novel, Not it is a fantasy, not even a fairy tale. With an event of mass disobedience we start, No shot is fired, no one is physically hurt. On a sunny day, at every airport of the world, People queue up for check-in with no visa in hand. One and all, in all the classes – economy, first or business, No one had a visa; world citizenship each like to harness. No international flight takes off From Wellington, where the day starts; From other airports of New Zealand too, No other plane departs. Nowhere in the world, from any airport, Took off any International flight. Following day was no different, And the following night. All airlines give up, No end of the tunnel, no ushering light. The main suspect behind these events was John. John’s identity is however very clear; To all passengers he is very dear. For questioning his role in mass disobedience, Arrested was John, and served punishing sentence. He was punished to undergo forensic probes, For extracting his memoir and his hopes, To get the events that led him to his roles, To his visions to cross boundary ropes. This book is written by YOUR AUTHOR The Original English version of the book has been written by Lateral Collateral . Lateral is an entity of one planet, a person of no known gender. We don’t have a pronoun in our grammar to suit Lateral’s gender. We can’t use ‘he’ or ‘she’, so we shall use the pronoun ‘phe’; objective case of ‘phe’ is ‘phim’; ‘phes’ means – of or relating to phim, especially as possessor. Lateral wanted to know about the world, especially about the people living on the world. Phe does not understand the languages, the religions, the rules and regulations of this world. It is a daunting task to know about so many people living on this world, so phe probed into the brain of one citizen of the world to extract the memoirs of his life. This citizen of the world is John George.
Pitch John is arrested for organizing mass disobedience of visa regulations at every international airport. Forensic probes into John’s memoirs discovered how John developed the vision of moving across all boundaries. Many voices, pictures and videos are extracted from John’s memory – conscious, sub-conscious, even unconscious. Investigators were not sure whether or not the events, recorded in John’s memory did really happen. Apparently, young John started following all rules and regulations of his society and his country; he was oblivious about the world beyond. His goals were to get a good job, a good wife and a happy married life thereafter. He got a good degree and a good job. Parents got him married to a suitable girl – Deanna. Deanna had friends in many men and women, for whom she would do anything, often taking advantage of her marital status and John’s time and resources. Often she made herself sexually available to male friends while she hated John’s proximity. She remained married primarily for his resources and protection. John could not afford the legal battle for divorce. He tried to get jobs at remote cities, but that did not help. Either Deanna lived with her parents or her relatives crowded John’s place. Desperate John planned to leave the country for a better life elsewhere in the world; Deanna tried hard to dissuade John who was determined to try his luck across country boundaries, even without Deanna. Deanna and her parents could read John’s mind and she consented to leave the country with John. Situations were marginally better in the new country; Deanna never treated John as her beloved husband. John looked around and found that he was not alone; most persons have never loved their spouses, but enjoyed their marital status. John developed a vision for having one big family in the entire world, so that no person is exploited by the legal spouse – Know No Country Boundaries – Know No Family Boundaries. PREFACE In this book, you would get memoirs of one citizen of the world, John George. The memoirs tell stories of a few people in three different worlds; some of these stories are sexually sensitive; in a few so called obscene scenes John’s memoirs have appreciated natural beauty as well as ugliness without any cover-up; real life stories are no different. John sincerely wished, he empathized with each entity of this novel and discovered the Oneness in them. They are all very common men and women; none of them has done any exemplary work to make this world a bit different, none has made any great sacrifice for the people they loved, nor could anyone kill and rob others to amass wealth for his or her personal use. They all lived by the rules and regulations of the world they lived in, they all responded to the opportunities and threats of their land. They all wanted to be loved by someone; they were all looking for someone they could love. In some world, people cannot live if not loved by at least a few; life has no meaning without love. In some other worlds, love is not a necessity, life has lots to offer even when you cannot win the scarce love. People are made to be loved and things are made to be used; but more often things are loved and people are used. One motivation for publishing this novel is telling John’s stories, which often near relatives are not prepared to listen to. They are often brainwashed and consider it would be a sin if they listen to these stories. Had John said that God had told him these stories, they would probably listen; John could not tell a lie, because John no longer believes in God; he believes - people around him can do much more than God could; we can’t do without the help from the people whichever world we might live in. When someone says, ‘I shall pray to God for you’, often it is meant ‘We have given up on you, hopeless fellow!’ The three worlds, we would talk about here, are really not on different planets, could be the same country in different decades.
About the author
Though Parames started his career as a graduate engineer in India, he switched to Information Technology and introduced EDP first in a private company - Indian Tube, and then in a government undertaking - Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. Thereafter he worked for Management and Data Processing Consultant – Computronics India, Hardware/Software Manufacturer – Hindustan Computers Ltd (HCL) and lastly for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). After migrating to Australia, he primarily served the Banking Industry - starting with State Bank of NSW which became Colonial State Bank. As Colonial State Bank outsourced their IT services to ALLTEL/FIDELITY, Parames moved to ALLTEL/FIDELITY. Later when Colonial State Bank was merged into Commonwealth Bank, Parames was assigned to FIDELITY’s overseas projects with banks, all over the world. He specialised in architecture, transaction management, integration with infrastructure and applications. After FIDELITY he joined Business Intelligence area of Commonwealth Bank. While gaining technical competence, Parames also explored Oneness in the people of various countries of the world. During his career in Information Technology, Parames always strived to develop computer-awareness in the society. Quite early in his career, he joined Operational Research Society of India and organised seminars as the secretary of Jamshedpur Chapter of the society. He organised a number of training programs for clients of HCL and FIDELITY and for the staff of Colonial State Bank. He prepared the Programmed Instruction Manual for COBOL while working for Large Systems Division of HCL. For FIDELITY, he was instrumental in setting up Asia Training Institute for training clients in the Asia Pacific region. He also worked as a Part Time Lecturer in the University of Technology, Sydney for teaching Distributed Databases. He published and presented a number of papers in Australia and also other parts of the world, mainly on application integration and software metrics. As a Practising Computing Professional, he attended per year about 10 seminars conducted by Special Interest Groups of Object Oriented Methodology, Business Intelligence, Service Oriented Architecture, Systems Integration, Software Metrics, Quality Assurance and Project Management. His work experience in Australia was complemented by his part time studies and research work in the University of Technology, Sydney, where he did his MBA, Master of Computing Sciences and Ph.D. in Computing Sciences and excelled in the area of Integration of Banking Applications and Architecture. During his PhD, he brought UTS and his employer bank together in the NTCS project, building a bridge between the academia and the industry. Main problems addressed in Parames’s PhD thesis are: (1) Identifying what objects from individual applications need necessarily be selected into the schema of the integrating intermediary application to provide the same quality of application integration, as achieved by selecting all objects from individual applications. (2) Modelling of these objects from individual applications, so that they can be adequately linked in the integrating application, in spite of their differences in schema specifications. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Exam/Degree Institution Marks Class Year Rank Higher Secondary Board Of Secondary Education 74% I-Div ’61 20th Bachelor Of Mech. Engg Jadavpur University,Calcutta 79% I-Hons ’66 2nd PG Business Management 'Xavier Institute, Jamshedpur 70% I-Class ‘73 Top Ten Master Of Business (MBA) University Of Technology, Syd Credit ‘89 Master of Computing University Of Technology, Syd Distinction Secured a percentile 0f 96 in Quantitative Section, among all candidates who have so far appeared in GMAT conducted by Educational Testing Servic