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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / Social Issues
  • Language:English
  • Pages:26
  • eBook ISBN:9781667855196

Just Stop It!!!

What's The True Meaning Behind Your "Apology?"

by Erica M. Glenn

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This book is dedicated to my mother Deborah Allen, the first PROVERBS 31 woman I met and for all those considered the outcast, black sheep, loss cause in society. TIME TO BREAK THE CYCLES UPAPOLOGETICALLY, AMEN!!!
We tend to live in a world where everyone reframes from apologizing for their wrongs, but a world where people apologize for being who God has destined one to be. 1. Is it based on one's insecurities? 2. Is it because one suffers from "people pleasing?" Or 3. Is it because one has been threatened to the point that standing up for what is right no longer appears to be an option? No matter the response, the Lord has NOT placed anyone here on earth to feel "intimidated," nor "ashamed," about who God has destined one to be.
About the author
As a certified Life Skills Coach and ordained Apostle, Ms. Erica M. Glenn is always focusing on how she can become a better version of who God has destined her to be to help others. Who we are in our homes; ministry; and in the communities tend to be "different." Throughout the years, Apostle Erica M. Glenn has experienced and witnessed all sorts of situations that led individuals to apologize for their "honesty," or completely "avoiding," apologizing as a whole. Rather, one is at fault or not, apologizing ways differently in every situation. Yes, one should practice apologizing when they know they were wrong. However, apologizing because you set "boundaries," and/or are doing what the Lord has instructed you to do does not require an apology. This book should lead you to digging deep during your personal time with the Lord, as well as, in the moments you conduct "self-evaluations." Do you find yourself feeling like other's doormats? When you feel you built the courage to say "no," to them, do you back down and give in because they use manipulative tactics to make you feel guilty? Overall, the Lord has better for you; wants better for you; and desires that you began to see greatness within yourself. Apostle Erica M. Glenn grew up in the Chicagoland area where she witnessed things in her youth that one should never experience. She has had people (including) family members doubt her worth. However, the Lord chose Apostle Erica M. Glenn to trailblaze; advocate; speak out, up, and speak life for those who are unable to speak for themselves and has believed the lie from the pit of hell that they do not have a voice. The Lord has given each of us a voice for a reason…why not dedicating it to glorify His name, Amen. This book has been prophesied over and it shall lead you down a path of greatness not a life filled with unnecessary apologies for living a righteous life, Amen. God bless you and yours. Also, Apostle Erica M. Glenn first published book "ImPROVE," a life skills coach biblical monthly devotional is still available for purchase. Please submit your order inquiry via email at HolyHandsInc@outlook.com.