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Book details
  • Genre:POETRY
  • SubGenre:American / African American & Black
  • Language:English
  • Pages:156
  • eBook ISBN:9798350957297
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350957280


The Hueman Lyrics of Greg Powell

by Greg Powell

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The latest book from Greg Powell, whose work has appeared in Essence, Race Today, Black American Literature Forum, the Evergreen Review and more, comprises a well curated body of lyrical verses written to embrace the reader's mind and heart. Many find themselves reading aloud, maybe even singing some of the free-style choruses in rhythm. The poetry reflects that of the author's brand and mission, Being Hueman, and is at once fluid, visceral, vulnerable, and direct. Powell is also a drummer, and much of his work reads like the rhythm of his drum style. These are lyrics you marinate in, returning again and again to find new insights, which speak differently at every reading. The message is accessible, warm, lyrical, and consistently infused with tonality and rhythm. It's always the love of God, the love we share, and the rainbow of love that makes us hueman from core to core, bound together.
The poetry of Greg Powell's new book, Invitation, has been curated from a lifelong journey in faith and urban adventure. He can't remember a time when he wasn't writing. His passion for history emerged early in his life, and kept him reading voraciously throughout childhood, far surpassing his school curriculum. Over the years, as it piled up, Powell kept his collection of writing loosely stored in notebooks, binders, folders of all kinds, then eventually filing cabinets, and shelves of poems, songs, plays, short stories, sermons, and other prose. He's never without a notebook and pen; he writes as a way of breathing. Powell's work has appeared in Essence, The Black Nation, Black American Literature Forum, Haymarket, the Evergreen Review and other periodicals. His roots hail from Chicago's West Pullman community, where he grew up with his younger sister in a tightly knit working class family. Powell's life journey has seemingly avoided most conventional routes as if on purpose – in fact, precisely on purpose. Invitation, by virtue of his journey, is a collection written during adventures at universities in Chicago and New York City (including and MFA in Poetry from Columbia University), various church ministries across the Chicago area, family social services, youth groups and pastoral care. He has worked as much with young children as he has at the bedside of the elderly in pastoral care. Greg's innate vulnerability is the product of lifelong ministry. His poetry reflects the emotional breadth of these experiences. His poems unfold the common highs and lows we experience in childbirth and loss, the passions and trials of love, and the perennial mysteries of parenting. It also reflects his love of music and music history, observations of our world, his faith journey, and the life conundrums we experience in common. Yet, his writing maintains a light touch, humorous, and accessible to any reader. Because Greg is a drummer, the syncopation of his verses is ever present. At times abrupt and abbreviated, Greg makes his poetic impact with the economy and artistry of language he exhibits in his preaching, and teaching. As the reader feels the flow, the lyrical rhythms are contagious. Invitation is a pleasure to read, its themes enlightening, and its rhythms, irresistible.
About the author
Greg Powell's work has appeared in Essence, Jet, The Black Nation, the Black American Literature Forum, The Community College Review, Race Today, Haymarket, and other periodicals. Greg Powell is poet, drummer, teacher, and community-based minister of encouragement. His roots hail from Chicago's Pullman community. After Columbia, he taught language arts at CIS-229 in the Bronx and writing at the College of New Rochelle. After returning to Chicago, Greg served as a specialized adolescent case worker for Catholic Charities of Chicago. Greg currently serves as Minister of Pastoral Care at New Faith Baptist Church International. He also supports the Youth Ministry at the Matteson, Illinois church. On occasion, Powell teaches poetry at the Michelle Obama School in Park Forest IL. Greg is happily married to Deborah Ann Powell, and together they have two sons.