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  • SubGenre:Personal Memoirs
  • Language:English
  • Pages:400
  • eBook ISBN:9781483508764

Invisible Restraints

by B. L. Bailey

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This is a true story, my story. At the age of nine with my father's sudden death questions about life arose. Faced with life without a male figure, I began a lifelong journey to meet a man that could fulfill my needs, but it turns out life has a few surprises a young girl like myself never saw coming. Failed marriages are followed by angry husbands and situations that lead me to the principle of backup. You'll see what I mean. As one thing leads to another, as I pass through a first marriage that nearly takes my life, as well as almost all my money, it ends with a bang...literally. Moving on to marrying an older man, the very qualities that I come to admire about him turn out to be the ones that he uses against me to my peril, and my son gets torn in the middle of the situaition when my second husband's meddlesome sister causes my son to lose everything and spin completely out of control. This leads him onto the bad side of the legal system. There's a happy ending, but wait and see what I, my son, and a skilled legal team must do to right the wrong and bring him full circle to where he has no record and is whole again.
This novel is based on a true story, my story. Growing up, with my father dying at the age of thirty-five, seeing my friends grow up with both of their parents, my life began from the early age of nine on a quest to replace my late father. This journey began with me having a steady boyfriend at a young age, but then branched off onto meeting other men that would satisfy my longing to replace the relationship that I much missed in my father. The first of these other men was J.C., who would turn out to be the guardian angel throughout much of my future life. Though it turns out that J.C. and I can't be an item, he is still there to see me through various other relationships of varying degrees of unsuccess. After meeting my first husband, following twelve years of a turbulant marriage, due to his selfish and uncompromising ways, that marriage ends with a bang, literally. Moving on, trying to survive and have someone to replace the void placed in my heart from that early age, I learned the principle of backup. Soon, with various suitors always busting down my door to be with me, in the midst of many offers, I meet a man that's older, just like J.C. Possessing many qualities that I admire, we soon wed. However, after having my only child and settling in suburbia, soon this marriage turns into lies, deceit, and deception as well as the first. Soon the qualities that I admired in this new man are the very ones that he uses to take my only child and not allow him to see me for years. Soon, the police are involved, as well as his controlling sister who also is way too involved in a religion that she uses to brainwash my young son. With the two of them pulling my son away, the legal system gets involved in a larger way. Seeing it's of no avail, I meet others and delve into sexual fanatasies only a few get the chance to absorb into, with two new leading men vying for my heart. Soon, my son learns the error of the path that he is put on by my husband's sister and himself, and comes back into my life, only for the real horror to begin. Lead back astray by his aunt, my son soon is led into an even worse fate, losing everything and spinning out of control. He is thrust into the type of situations that lead him onto the bad side of the legal system, and none of it's his fault. There's a happy ending, but wait and see what I, my son, and a skilled legal team have to go through to right the wrong that his aunt has led him toward, and how he comes full circle with no record and finally becoming whole again. This whole story could not be told by just one book and just one side. It had to be told in "The System" also, my son's book, also available soon as an EBook.
About the author
Lived an unusual life. Many unusual experiences through my marriages and my son. Thought the world should hear about a different story than I've ever heard about myself.