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  • SubGenre:Metaphysics
  • Language:English
  • Pages:96
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543953640

Inspirations in a Moment

A Way to Live Life At Ease

by Valerie Hackshaw

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Inspirations In A Moment offers the reader greater insight into ways of living life with ease; learn how challenging situations can be worked through and how they can assist themselves to improve their spiritual development. Each article contains guidelines that will assist the reader to put into practice ways to make changes in their daily living, that will help them attain their goals and desires.
These articles were written to inspire the reader to live Life from within and to trust the Great Creator of all. As you read these inspirational passages may you be inspired to begin making changes in your daily living. Each day as you affirm a decree, you are building a relationship with the Inner Presence, building your faith, drawing into manifestation your desires and unfolding your Divine Plan for being created on this earth. As you are faced with a challenging situation, may you find a message at the moment, that will help you to loose the experience and allow the Presence of God within you and all involved in the situation to take command. Let the words inspire you to take time to be still and allow them to permeate your consciousness so you may experience health, infinite wisdom, perfection, divine love, peace, happiness, abundance and most of all, the full expression of God through you according to His Divine Plan. May God strengthen your Faith on your journey to the fulfillment of your destiny with ease.
About the author

Dr. Valerie Hackshaw is a dynamic inspirational and motivational speaker, facilitator and practitioner in the fields of Metaphysics and Theocentric Psychology. She utilizes spiritual principles to educate, elevate and empower individuals who are seeking spiritual development and lifestyle changes. These principles inspire individuals and gain an understanding of why they are here and how to fulfill their purpose for being on earth at this time. Practicing the understanding of the Infinite Creative Principle that is the activity of pure potential of every good thing in one's life, they can manifest them in their reality. Dr. Hackshaw has facilitated symposiums at various corporations, at local and International based organizations and many religious and spiritual organizations. As an International Metaphysical Ordained Minister (IMOM), she has presented sermons to the congregants of various faith-based organizations, conducted the 2009 Commonwealth "People's Space Forum" Inter-Faith Service held in Trinidad & Tobago. She also lectures and facilitates study groups, develops and presents programs that will encourage individuals to pursue their desire for spiritual growth, that is influenced by Spiritual Inspirations.