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  • SubGenre:Essays
  • Language:English
  • Pages:170
  • eBook ISBN:9781934509487

Insights of an Ordinary Man

by Wayne Allen Levine

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This book of honest stories, heart-felt vignettes, timeless reflections, and scattered poems from poet and speaker Wayne Allen Levine is a lyrical exploration of ordinary life and the beauty which surrounds our every day life.
From the Introduction- What really lasts? What remains of all our thoughts and efforts? What, more than anything else, do we hope and pray and wish with all our heart to always remember? And what do we – above all else, wish to be remembered for? The yearning, burning ecstatic heart-ache – that lifts us up and lets us down intermittently. Those are among the meaningful questions that follow us through our everyday; attempting to guide and inspire us, even when our awareness of that grace-filled fact, is akin to a single fast-fading fragment of a long-forgotten dream. We keep coming back to those soul-shaping questions, whether we care to or not, because those are the questions that refuse to let us go! Fate, destiny, and an unbridled love and passion for the creative process – those three things, inextricably woven into the fabric of life, create the central thesis of this book you are about to venture into. The book itself – through honest stories, heart-felt vignettes, timeless reflections, and scattered poems, will best reveal the trajectory of this life I’ve been given, and would be honored to share with you through the course of this book. This is my impassioned invitation to you the reader to keep reading – turn the pages and tap into the beauty, power, and energy of your own unique awareness. These are simply the Insights of an Ordinary Man – with the IOAOM empowered acronym. IOAOM, with its acronymic O’s for eyes looking up at you as you glance over them. And when those O’s for eyes close or disappear, we are left with only the I AM.
About the author
Wayne Allen Levine is a poet, artist, author and speaker. His lyrical words and ability to see beauty which many of us overlook make his words inspiring and unforgettable.