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  • SubGenre:Personal Memoirs
  • Language:English
  • Pages:276
  • eBook ISBN:9780985708023

I Married Mr. America

by Lindy Tefft, MS

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When Lindy Tefft married Mr. America, she was sure she had married Mr. Perfect. Her fantasy was far from the truth. When abuse from childhood repeated in her marriage, Lindy felt that she had no escape. Then, greedy celebrity-hungry scam artists ravaged their lives. Lindy’s voice of reason often fell on Mr. America’s “deaf” ears. Chaos, insanity, and financial disaster nearly ruined the author’s life as she crawled through a tunnel of terror. With no one to count on, Lindy found herself. Tefft’s roller coaster life will leave the reader breathless. Her insightful guidance will inspire others to find hope where there seems to be none. Lindy deserves acclaim for her honesty, vulnerability, and courage. She became her own hero, and through it all, discovered Simply Lindy.
Lindy was born in Southern California with a severe eye problem. Her medical prognosis was total blindness by the age of thirty. However, she was blessed with a miraculous healing in her early twenties that cured and eliminated this problem. Even though her mother was a counselor who worked to optimize the mental health of others,she engaged in chronic manipulation and sociopathic control over her entire family. Sadly, Lindy’s father was too weak to stand up to her mother and remained distant from his children. Her older sister also suffered at her mother’s hands. Because of her mother's unrealistic demands to be more than perfect, the constant painfully exhausting interrogations, and sexual abuse, Lindy lived her youth trapped in a perpetual state of fear, unending stress, and high anxiety. After Lindy finally got the courage to leave her parent’s home, she found herself in social and personal relationships that eerily echoed her own dysfunctional upbringing. Disgusted with her new found independence, Lindy’s parents disowned her, billing her for all financial costs they had incurred since the day she was born. Fortunately, Lindy's travels were positively touched by very special people; actor Kurt Russell, Hall-of-Famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and many others celebrities including Triple-Crown “Natural Mr. America” himself! When Lindy met Greg Tefft, she thought she had found “Mr. Perfect”. Even though Lindy saw "red flags" warning her not to marry him, she ignored them. Greg was willing to do anything to maintain his celebrity status, and in doing so, he fell prey to scam artists. Debilitating emotional and physical abuse was turned on Lindy. She walked alone in a tunnel of terror. After separating and leaving Greg, she tried to find love and security with other men. These relationships were devastating. Through fierce faith and a determination to survive, Lindy went through an arduous process of finding a spiritual path. With intense strength and perseverance, step by step,she eventually became her own hero.
About the author
Lindy Tefft has a MS in Education and a BA in Communication. With her keen empathic and intuitive ability, Lindy has counseled hundreds of clients who deal with emotional trauma. A highly creative individual, she is an award- winning lyricist. Lindy will soon release her second book, Soul Strings, a synthesis of her poetry and nature photography that guides you through the stages of becoming your authentic self. Lindy continues to encourage and inspire others to walk through their fears and follow their inner voice.