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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Success
  • Language:English
  • Pages:228
  • eBook ISBN:9781620956618

I Coulda Been Somebody - How to Stop Underachieving Now

(and find success on your own terms).

by Mike Flannery

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Are you frustrated with jumping from job to job and project to project having little or nothing to show for your efforts? Do you cringe every time someone asks you what you do for a living? Do you feel you deserve want more out of your career, relationships and career but don't know how to get it? You don't have to feel that way ever again. I COULDA BEEN SOMEBODY shows you how to implement simple, proven, step-by-step strategies to get you back on track and help you finally find success and fulfillment on your own terms.
Are you tired of feeling like a failure when you know you have so much to offer? Do you know there is more to your life, career and relationships than what you're experiencing, but feel trapped and don't know how to get out? Are you fed up with your underachieving lifestyle and fed up with feeling chronically unhappy and unfulfilled? The good news is you are not alone. The BETTER news is you don't have to feel that way ever again. If being an underachiever doesn't cut it for you any longer read this book and discover how to: - Determine what Underachiever 'type' you are and learn specific strategies to leverage your traits and turn your life around. - Define success on your terms and create your own blueprint on how and when to get there. - Convert even your biggest naysayer into your #1 supporter. - Leverage feedback (and criticism) to help you get what you want instead of letting it control what you do. - Become more confident, powerful and decisive in your job, relationships and your life. Forget what you've been told and what you thought you knew about Underachieving - it doesn't exist - at least not in the way you've been led to believe. This book shows you how to, step-by-step, live a healthy, productive and fulfilling life on your terms.
About the author
Mike Flannery never wanted to be a writer. So he spent his youth and most of his adult life looking for the ‘perfect’ career. As a former teacher, counselor, social worker, chef, construction worker, entrepreneur, etc. he brings all his ‘career’ experiences to bear to help underachievers find a way to live healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. His client list is not replete with Fortune 500 executives, Wall Street movers and shakers or Olympic Medalists. His audience is people, perhaps just like you or someone you love, who’ve chosen to live quiet, desperate and often unfulfilling lives despite having so much to offer. He’s known for his insightful, empowering, practical and humorous approach that meets people where they are and gets them moving in the direction they're really meant to go. He's a fan of Daniel H. Pink, Susan Cain, Breane Brown and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Mike’s first book I COULDA BEEN SOMEBODY – HOW TO STOP UNDERACHIEVING NOW debuted in the winter of 2011. When he’s not behind his computer you can find Mike in the woods, on the water, in front of a movie (or TV) screen or experimenting in the kitchen usually with a Vizsla not far behind. Married and childfree, Mike spends most of his time in "The Land of Plenty' in the Pacific Northwest.