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  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
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  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9781623097318

Hypnosis De-Mystified

Imagine That!

by Walt McCoy, Ph.D.

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This book is written to be fun and entertaining, and is meant for both popular and professional audiences. It contains a great many case examples, with hypnotic scripts which are interesting and entertaining, even humorous. It begins with FAQs, and ends with practical applications of hypnotic principles to everyday life, and achievement. Chapters are included covering sports, performance, medical applications, several different approaches to trance induction, along with a new theory about how hypnosis works. Above all, it is a fun read.
Table of Contents Introduction Chapter I. FAQs. There are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. This is your chance to be informed accurately. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, you can contact me on my website and I’ll reply with your answer. Chapter II. A Theoretical Model of Mind. Understanding about the mind does not really require years of study. This chapter offers a model that makes understanding hypnosis readily accessible. It’s also easy to read. Chapter III. An example of a Hypnosis Script. I use this induction script very often, especially with groups. It will introduce you to relaxation guided imagery, and if you try it out with someone (yourself?), you will begin to get comfortable with hypnosis. Chapter IV. Hypnosis and Medicine. Modern medicine knows that mind and body are actually one and the same. They need to be in cooperation to optimize healing. There is really no medical condition that cannot respond to hypnosis. The Mind is a very powerful thing. Chapter V. Sports and Performance Hypnosis. You can gain more control over all of your abilities and all of your skills. Get in the “zone” and maximize your athletic performance, and also your job performance. Chapter VI. Fun with Puns, duble meanings, and cunfusion. There is an unusual language that the unconscious parts of your mind understands very well. Many Hypnotherapists use that odd way of speaking to enhance communication with those parts. Chapter VII. Identity and the Dumb Blond Syndrome: The Metaphor Approach. We build our sense of self from our role models, and from the many different roles we play every day with other people. Some of them could use some adjusting. Chapter VIII. Illustrative Cases and Approaches. Here are many of my actual cases, and how I dealt with them. (Disguised, of course.) This might be my favorite chapter. Chapter IX. Using Your Mind For a Change? In this one we discover the dynamics and requirements for that rare phenomenon of changing one’s mind. Only you and I are able to do that, and I’m not so sure about you. Chapter X. Guided Imagery in Persuasion, Parenting, Sales, Education, and Romance. We try to do these things almost every day. Why not sharpen your skills in them? Appendix I Choosing a Hypnotherapist Appendix II The Therapeutic Relationship Appendix III A Bibliography, For Those That Like This Topic
About the author
The author has 15 years of experience in clinical mental health practice, and 18 years in higher education, holding academic ranks of Asst. Professor, Assoc. Professor, and full Professor at several universities. He has published numerous scientific articles and papers, and has been certified in clinical hypnosis by several professional organizations.