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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Suspense
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Hawkins Ranch Series
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:289
  • eBook ISBN:9780991874804


Hawkins Ranch Series - Cody's Story

by Beverley Bateman

Book Image Not Available Book Image Not Available
Maggie McGonigal isn’t as concerned about staying alive as she is about protecting her son. After seven years in witness protection in Seattle someone is once again trying to kill her. She’s forced leave Seattle and go to Victoria, BC in Canada. She contacts the man she never wanted to see again. She needs to convince him to take his son back to the Hawkins ranch in Duster, Montana, where he’ll be safe. The hired killers are not after her son. They want to kill her as payback. As long as Matt is with her, he’s in danger. She believes the farther he’s away from her, the safer he’ll be. The one glitch is Cody Hawkins doesn’t know he has a son. After she manages to explain that to him, she’ll figure out how to keep herself alive. Cody Hawkins comes running to Victoria, BC when the woman he wants to forget calls him for help because someone is trying to kill her. It’s been seven years since Maggie walked away from Duster. Why has she contacted him after all this time? Who would want to kill her? Can he help her and then walk away from her? Cody meets Maggie in the bar of the hotel. She asks him to meet her son and take him back to Duster. The Witness Protection has failed them and the hired killers have found her. Cody agrees to come back to her hotel room and meet Matt, her son. While there, someone shoots at her through the window. Maggie is shot in the arm. He agrees to take Matt back to the ranch, but wants Maggie to come back with him, so he can protect her and her son. When she refuses to leave with him Cody waits until the medication the doctor gave her knocks her out. He kidnaps her and explains it to Matt. Cody lives in the Hawkins ranch house with his parents, Sam and Anna Hawkins, as well as his brothers, Gabe and Ky. Luke, his other brother, is the town doctor and lives next door. For the next few days, back at the ranch, everything appears normal in town with no further attempts on Maggie’s life. They hop
HUNTED is the first in the series about the Hawkins ranch and the Hawkins men. It’s a romantic suspense set in Duster, a fictional, small town in Montana. Staying alive wasn’t Maggie McGonagall’s first concern. Could she convince the man she hadn’t planned on ever seeing again, to accept and protect, a son he didn’t know about? Once she managed that, she’d figure out how to keep herself from getting killed. Cody Hawkins came running when the woman he wanted to forget called him for help. Could he help her, and walk away? The Hawkins ranch was Maggie’s second home growing up. She’d been in love with Cody ever since she met him when she was ten years old. Until her late teens Cody never showed interest in her as a person One night, caught in a cabin in a thunder storm they had made love. Maggie thought Cody finally realized he loved her. He had to leave on a cattle drive the next day and was gone for several weeks. While he was gone Maggie found out she was pregnant. She planned to tell cod, but when he returned home she found him in the arms of another woman. To prevent embarrassing her family as an unwed mother she left Duster. Moving to Chicago she worked as a receptionist in an accountant’s office. One night she forgot a book she’d been reading. Returning to the office she opened the door just as shots were fired and the accountant fell to the floor. Two men trained their guns on her. She ran and escaped. It had been a mafia contract killing. The FBI found her and Maggie testified, sending everyone involved to prison. After delivering a healthy baby boy, they are both put into the witness protection plan. She’s been living in Seattle, under an assumed name, with her son ever since. Cody returned from the cattle drive after a disastrous mistake on his part, expecting to find Maggie waiting for him. Instead, she had left town. No one would tell him where she went. He tracked her to Great Falls but then she completely disappeared off the face of the earth. He’s been angry with her for running out on him, ever since. After seven years someone is trying to kill Maggie. She’s convinced the mafia has finally found her. She contacts Cody. She wants him to protect their son. He immediately comes to help Maggie. Another attempt on her life occurs. Maggie is shot in her arm. Cody tries to convince Maggie she should return to Duster with him. He’ll protect both her and her son. She refuses, wanting her son to be as far away from her as possible. Cody decides he’s not taking no for an answer. The doctor treating her arm gives her medication to sleep. While she’s sleeping he kidnaps her. He takes her, and Matt, back to his ranch, locking her in the house so she can’t escape. Over the next few days Cody teaches the boy how to ride and shows him the ranch. Maggie schemes how to escape and runaway again. The daughter from a neighboring ranch shows up to welcome Cody home. She is hoping to get Cody to propose. When she finds out about Maggie, and they meet, she tells Maggie that she and Cody are planning on getting married. Maggie realizes how much she still loves Cody. She finally agrees to stay on the ranch until the killer is caught. There are no further attempts on her life, so they hope the killers haven’t traced her. She finally tells Cody that Matt is his son. He’s angry at first but he loves the boy. Both sets of parents are thrilled with their grandson. The Seattle police arrest the person who had tried to kill her there, but it’s not over because he isn’t the one that shot at her. A new, big, black car shows up in town. He’s concerned that they might be after Maggie. They are professional hit men. Cody and the sheriff plan to have everyone think Maggie has left town and hopefully the hit men will then leave. The plan works. Maggie decided to stay in Duster and find a rental house. The hit men return to town. Will Cody be able to save her? Will Maggie and her son ever be safe? Can there ever be a happily ever after?
About the author
Beverley Bateman is a Canadian author who writes Romantic Suspense and Medical Thrillers. She co-authored a Romantic Thriller with Stephen Lefevers, which is published through Mundania Press She lives in British Columbia, in the Okanagan Valley, among the lakes, mountains, orchards and wineries with her husband and her two Shiba Inu dogs. Great fresh fruits from the orchards and award winning wines from the vineyards make for enjoyable summers. Her background is nursing, including obstetrics, emergency and public health, as well as administration, which she uses in some of her books. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and a member and past president of the Mystery/Suspense Chapter – Kiss of Death.
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