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  • SubGenre:Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:262
  • eBook ISBN:9781483526911

Hunan States of America

by J.D. Bennett

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What would happen if a foreign nation purposely affected the economy of the United States and pushed it into depression so that it could conquer our nation through non-military methods? Further, what if the actions, decisions and policies of our elected representatives (President and Congress) were instrumental in setting us up for this foreign nation take over? This fictional, mainstream/action story, steeped in political opinion, offers one possible scenario, the emergence of an underground resistance that fights to drive the tyrannical foreign nation’s government from our shores and restore the United States to an independent republic and resurrects our freedom, liberty and ability to pursue happiness. The main character needs to first recover from a coma that resulted from injuries that are thought to have been purposely inflicted to silence his message, purposing amendments to the Constitution, to correct the weaknesses that allowed the malfeasance of our public officials, and avert the degradation the Chinese government wants to occur to weaken us to the point of just handing over our country. The main character, GARY SEVAN (a.k.a. CHARLES PINCKNEY), joins the resistance when he recovers from his coma, meets and falls in love with JUANITA SANCHEZ, the President of Hispania (formerly Florida), finds his missing son, BRADLEY, and influences a nation of non-combatant patriots to engage in sabotage, through a blog, It Is 1776 Again. When our protagonist joins the resistance he is swept along through the American Liberation War, which eventually wears on the Chinese protectorate sufficiently to convince them that the cost of the occupation of America outweighs the benefit and to leave, which allows the resistance to restore our independence. Unfortunately he dies from wounds received in a conflict but his son is then tapped to become the President of the liberated United States of America.
The protagonist of the story struggles to recover from a coma induced by a suspicious accident assisted by a fellow patient, EDWARD (RUMMY) RUMENSKI. A seemingly obnoxious orderly, KEVIN (SKIP) PRIESTLEY, methodically feeds him information on the malfeasance by the United States government leaders and the resulting outright destruction of the country’s economy, followed by the non-military surrender of the nation to the Chinese protectorate, the Hunan States of America. As GARY SEVAN, our hero, recovers his memory, he remembers that he had a wife and son but there is no record of any recent visits by either of them. He learns that his wife was killed in an auto accident. Rummy convinces the hospital staff to allow him to take Gary on a one day leave from the hospital to visit his old home and see if there were any clues to his son’s whereabouts. Skip reveals himself to be a part of an underground organization trying to restore the United States and drive out the HSA. When Gary finds his old house, the unbelievable story that Skip had been feeding him was verified, when the Oriental woman living in his house unceremoniously rejects his efforts to inquire about how she came to be in his house and another neighbor lady confirms and reinforces the reality of the Chinese takeover and also confirms for him the shattering news that his wife died in a car accident, she thought his son had escaped the HSA police, for some reason, by travelling somewhere east. Gary recovers and is discharged from the hospital. Before he leaves, Skip convinces him to meet with a member of the underground resistance and he meets THOMAS JEFFERSON, who he learns has taken that assumed name for safety sake. The result of the meeting was that Gary, now CHARLES PINCKNEY, joins the Resistance and is transported to their hiding place in California but soon learns that they are going to travel across the country to Florida, now the independent nation of Hispania, the only part of the United States that the HSA had not taken over, to try to persuade them to join the Resistance in a more active role beyond their support of weapons and money. Charles Pinckney is advised that the leadership of the Resistance wants him to plan the basic strategy to persuade the Hispania government to join in the active upcoming battle due to the persuasive strength of his political writings just before his accident. When they finally arrive, using many evasive tactics, and are given an audience, Charles starts the pitch, basing his message upon background information regarding the history of President JUANITA (JUAN) SANCHEZ, who immigrated from Columbia with her family to escape the horrors of the years long civil war going on there. What he didn’t expect was that he would fall in love with Juan and she with him and they both struggled to keep that from affecting the discharge of their respective duties. Ultimately, the Hispanians agreed to join in battles with troops, at the appropriate time. Next they traveled to Canada, where a small contingent of patriotic Americans had been conducting raids across the border against various HSA targets. This is where Charles finds his son, BRADLEY SEVAN, and the two reunite just before the leadership chooses the date for the start of the American Liberation War. When Charles led a raid along with Juanita Sanchez on Fort Knox to try to shore up the United Resistance coffers, he was seriously wounded. Through the continued efforts of the Resistance, the Chinese decided that the occupation of America was more costly than beneficial and they left but not before taking all of the gold bullion in the United States, when they left. Bradley was selected by the leadership to serve as interim President. Sadly, Charles died from his wounds and Bradley continued the resurrection of the United States of America, championing certain amendments to the Constitution, to avoid a future such degradation of the freedom and liberty of the nation.
About the author
After retiring from a 40+ year career in a human resources management, J. D. Bennett began searching for his literary voice to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an author. He accepted a one year assignment as an opinion page columnist for a local newspaper (The Tribune Chronicle, Warren, Ohio), had a story, The Military Working Dog 70 Years of Praise, published in the American Legion Online Magazine (September 2012) had his white paper, Hiring Compliance Guidelines, published on the website of the Society for Human Resources Management, and his short story, Green Cabin, will be published in Calliope, A Writer’s Workshop by Mail in the fall of 2014. During the first part of his working life he was also an Industrial Engineer, an Adjunct College Professor, a factory worker, and a tax preparer. Having served in our military (USAF Sentry Dog Handler) to defend our liberty and freedom only to watch our republic being minimized by Constitutional transgressions, J. D. Bennett is passionate about the message of patriotism woven into his novel, Hunan States of America.