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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Religion & Science
  • Language:English
  • Pages:92
  • eBook ISBN:9780981712314

Hubble Reveals Creation

The Photo Drama

by J. Paul Hutchins

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Over the past two decades the Hubble telescope has captured the Greatest Cinematic Drama in Human History: the Creation of an Awe-Inspiring Universe! The Story behind the Drama. These images presented in this book are from the inspirational book, Hubble Reveals Creation by an Awe-Inspiring Power. It is a 4 times award winning book based on the discoveries of the Hubble telescope. It presents in simple laymen terms an intellectually compelling case that the order of the universe was a planned action, rather than a random event. This book presents the Greatest Photo Drama in Human History; the creation of an Awe-Inspiring Universe, as revealed by the Hubble telescope.
Discoveries made by the Hubble Telescope Provide Real Scientific Proof for the Existence of God. Have you ever wondered; does God really exist, and is there any real scientific proof that he does? Hubble Reveals Creation by an Awe-Inspiring Power is an inspirational, four-time award winning book that answers this question as it takes you to the core of our very existence. It shows in inspiring detail how the world famous Hubble telescope scientifically confirms the existence of God, and proves that He is the incomprehensible power behind the Universe! Presented in this book in simple layman terms, is an intellectually compelling case that the order of the universe was a planned action, and not a random event. This book is based on the discoveries of the Hubble telescope over the past two decades. It takes you on a faith strengthen, inspirational journey revealing how Hubble has captured the Greatest Cinematic Drama in human history; the Creation of an Awe-Inspiring Universe! As you embark upon this inspirational journey through time you will be intrigued to learn in simple layman terms how the universe was born, and gave birth to our beautiful planet, and all life on it. As you are drawn into this drama you will find yourself pondering the question; is it possible that the invention of the Hubble telescope was somehow guided by God to show us his Awe-Inspiring Universe, and Incomprehensible Power?
About the author
From troubled teen to a successful entrepreneur and author, Paul Hutchins' story began when, as a terrified 19-year-old, he found himself cowering in a passenger seat, covering his head and silently praying the rural Kentucky sheriff's bullets would miss their mark and he would make it out alive. As his friend pursued an escape, the teens flew down a country road at potentially lethal speeds. Scared for his life, the high-speed chase was the beginning of a personal life change and the catalyst that would change the course of his life, eventually leading him to write Hubble Reveals Creation by an Awe-Inspiring Power. Following his father's death at age 13, Hutchins, one of 10 siblings, lacked guidance and motivation. With his mother working full time to support the large family, he was left without a father figure and adequate parental guidance. As a teenager, Hutchins became involved with illegal drugs, petty crime and delinquency. It wasn't until he found himself in the high-speed chase, riding passenger to a prison-bound friend that he realized something needed to change. Unable to sync his thoughts with reality and lacking a sense of purpose, he considered suicide. On drugs at age 19 Hutchins began to evaluate his life and resolved to go in a new direction, which saved him from following his brother to prison – who was later shot and killed. His friend from the high-speed chase was later featured on "America's Most Wanted" for double murder. "Many of the friends I ran with in those days are dead from either a drug overdose or suicide," Hutchins says. "A good majority went to prison." Today, Hutchins is a successful entrepreneur and says he's fortunate to be alive. A patented inventor and amateur astronomer, he began to notice the role imagination played in every major discovery in man's history. As he set out to explore the imagination of man, his search led him to consider the universe and its design: stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets—all of which Hutchins says are the result of one supreme imagination. After researching the images and data from the Hubble and Spritzer space telescopes, collected since their launch, Hutchins was compelled to write about the universe as a product of intelligent design, fueled by superior imagination. In his new book, Hubble Reveals Creation by an Awe-Inspiring Power, Hutchins stitches together a photographic drama of the creation of the universe, examining the intricacies of the universe and invoking a "Grand Architect" as the creative force behind our world. With full-color photos, scientific data and a user friendly format, Hutchins takes readers on an awe-inspiring journey as he considers what lies beyond the night sky. The parents of three adult daughters, Hutchins and his wife currently reside in Orlando, FL.