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  • Genre:COOKING
  • SubGenre:Health & Healing / Cancer
  • Language:English
  • Pages:142
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543975161

How to Feed a Superhero

Recipes for the Cancer-Fighting Kid in Your Life

by Adrianne Shelton

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Loving your child through cancer is different for every family. There is an infinite number of variables involved: diagnosis, age, siblings, emplyment, chemo, radiation, home care.... I could go on and on. But, one thing is a constant for all cancer families: we all need to eat! And let's face it, everyone feels better when they have a belly full of quality food. These are the recipes that filled my family's bellies during my son's three-and-a-half year battle with leukiemia. These are the foods that nourished his growing, battling body; the foods that fed his loving and supportive brothers; the foods that filled our little hospital table as we moved family dinner to a tiny, machine-filled room; the foods that let me feel like I was doing SOMETHING in a time when I felt helpless to fix my son. Real food, simple recipes. Kid tested, Momcologist approved!
I've been there. The day you hear the doctor tell you your baby has cancer. The questions, the fears, the overwhelming schedule of doctor appointments and hospital stays. The pages and pages of medicine description and their side-effects. It's truly like drinking from a firehose: It stings, and most of it blasts past you. Over time, as your child fights for their life, you adjust to the "new normal" and find your individual role in it. For me, feeding my family has always been my favorite way to love on them. So when my son, Joel, was diagnosed just days before his 6th birthday, I knew feeding him well was going to be my main venue for support. Watching my little superhero battle cancer with more grace and dignity than I know I would ever have, made him a superhero to this mom. And you know what? I've met so many more outstanding cancer-fighting superheroes since then that have absolutely stolen my heart. To say these kids are amazing is an understatement. My passion for these kids, paired with my nerdish enthusiasm for nutrition during cancer is what this cookbook is all about. I want kids to look through the pages of this book and feel empowered, mighty, and excited to feed themselves well! I want them to know they're not alone. I want these superhero kids to feel like they get the food of childhood, just like everyone else (while making sure every bite is nutrient-dense!) And cancer parents? I want you to feel like you have a friend who has been there. In between recipes are little bits of "what worked for us" advice that I wish I would have had on our diagnosis day. The recipes are simple, made with real food ingredients, and designed to feed the entire family. Every recipe has notes and adjustments for the different phases of chemo, steroids, and side-effects. Tips for budget and time-management are included, of course. But, please keep in mind, all those people out there who are going to ask how they can help can be handed this book! Friends and family can feel helpless in how to care for you and your child, so a little direction will benefit you AND them! My husband describes cancer as the most horribly beautiful thing our family has been through. The cancer community is easily the strongest, most inspiring group of humans out there. And if we all share our unique strengths and experiences, we are so much better for it. I hope that our little corner of the childhood cancer world helps and encourages you in yours.
About the author

Adrianne is a wife, mom, home cook, baker, and hobby farmer in the beautiful Matanuska-Susitna Valley of Alaska. Her love of cooking with real, quality ingredients became her number one way of supporting her son's growing body during his three-and-a-half year battle with cancer. As part of a community of cancer parents, she believes we are all better for sharing our strengths with those still in the fight.

Leslie is a wife, mom, and an Alaskan childhood photographer. Her gift of capturing the beauty in the fleeting moments of childhood is truly astounding. As cancer parents appreciate more than ever, childhood is a gift, and one to be savored. Leslie captures stolen moments like fireflies in a jar. See more at www.lesliemeadow.com.