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  • SubGenre:Marketing / Multilevel
  • Language:English
  • Pages:152
  • eBook ISBN:9780620644198

How to Create Financial Freedom Through Marketing Your Business

Secrets Coaches & Marketing Experts Don't Want You To Know & Won't Tell You

by Vuyelwa Vitshima

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This book helps small business owner to: Know and understand target market; Understand how to market and get people to come in your business and become your customers. Be a successful business owner who is able to sell effectively and efficiently. Create repeat business and have clients that Pay, Stay and Refer by focusing your efforts on both existing customers, referral businesses and new potential customers. Create effective marketing material that acts as an ambassador for your product in place of you. Help you to stop creating and producing marketing materials you don’t need. Learn to use advertising for immediate profits. Know exactly why you are choosing advertising, as well as the objective of each and every ad. Create Powerful Offers that will make your customers to open their wallets and buy from you instead of your competitors. Learn to profit from Internet Marketing as the internet is one of your most powerful tools for marketing. Since a majority of people go online seeking information, therefore take advantage of this opportunity by providing valuable information. Learn the best Internet Marketing Strategies and the top 10 mistakes to avoid Be able to systemize your business by putting policies and procedures in place to make your business operations run smoother – and more importantly – without your constant involvement. Leverage from the 16 marketing case studies included in this book.
Chapter1 Define Your Target Market Chapter Review A target market is simply the group of customers or clients who will purchase a specific product or service. This group of people all have something in common, often age, gender, hobbies, or location. Your target market, then, are the people who will buy your offering. This includes both existing and potential customers, all of whom are motivated to do one of three things: 1. Fulfil a need 2. Solve a problem 3. Satisfy a desire Chapter 2 Generating an Unlimited Amount of Leads for Your Business Chapter Review Your customers come from leads that have been turned into sales. Each customer goes through a two-step process before they arrive with their wallets open. They have been converted from a member of a target market, to a lead, then to a customer. Chapter 3 Immediate Sales Chapter Review The ability to sell effectively and efficiently is one every successful business owner has cultivated, and continues to develop. Effective management of your sales team is a skill every business owner should cultivate. Every salesperson should have an arsenal of tools on hand to assist them in the sales process. Chapter 4 How to Create Repeat Business and Have Clients that Pay, Stay and Refer Chapter Review Successful businesses that see sustained growth have a double-edged marketing strategy. They focus their efforts outward – on New potential customers and marketing – as well as inward – on existing customers and referral business. Generating more repeat business means focusing on the marketing strategies that aim to keep your existing customers instead of purchase new ones – effectively reducing the cost of attracting new customers to your business. Marketing strategies that focus on keeping your current customer base are easy and enjoyable to implement. Chapter 5 Creating Effective Marketing Material’ Chapter Review Take some time to determine what marketing materials you do need, and stick to your list. If your headlines were all a potential customer reads, how do you think your marketing materials would fare? Headlines need to be bold, dramatic, shocking and absolutely answer the questions “What’s in it for me?” or, “Why should I care?” Chapter 6 How to Use Advertising for Immediate Profits Chapter Review Spend your time and resources on what you are saying, ensure the ‘how you say it’ is clear, clean, and easy to read. Chapter 7 Creating Powerful Offers Chapter Review Your offer is the granite foundation of your marketing campaign. Get it right, and everything else will fall into place. Your headline will grab readers, your copy will sing, your ad layout will hardly matter, and you will have customers running to your door. Chapter 8 Profiting from Internet Marketing Chapter Review The internet is one of your most powerful tools for marketing.Most people go online seeking information. Examples ofInternet Marketing Strategies • Create a website • Search engine optimization • Price per click advertising • Business listing in directories • Online advertisements • Online videos • Blogging Chapter 9 Systemizing Your Business and Developing Effective Processes’ Chapter Review Systemizing your business is about putting policies and procedures in place to make your business operations run smoother – and more importantly – without your constant involvement. With your newfound free time, you will be able to focus your efforts on the bigger picture: strategically growing your business. Any task that is performed in your business more than once can be systemized. Chapter 10 Leverage From 16 Marketing Case Studies’
About the author
Vuyelwa Vitshima is an educator by profession. She has assisted aspiring small businesses to open their businesses. She has mentored small business owners in relation to growing and increasing profits in their businesses. She grew up in a business environment and has assisted in managing businesses. Even now she has an Accounting and Small Business coaching business. She has conducted a variety of seminars. She has been a Subject Advisor for Natural Sciences and Accounting in Eastern Cape, South Africa. She had an opportunity to study in Leeds University, Britain. At the end of the course,she conducted a seminar. She is a trained Accountant and Auditor. She has worked with several Municipalities; Government Departments and Public entities. She has been a Senior Manager for Standing Committee on Public Accounts in Eastern Cape Legislature, South Africa.