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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:69
  • eBook ISBN:9781623099091

How to Create a Blueprint for Living

Live the Life You Design

by Wee Dilts

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How to Change Your Life for The Better Tired of the same old day in and day out living? •You can have Everything you need and want in your life. •You can have it right Now. •Discover how to create your very own Blueprint for life. •Automatically join the Select Few who've already been energized and transformed? •It's your life. Why not live it the way you want to? •While you're reading this, you could create a Blueprint for your life. • Do it Today . . . Change your life Let me ask you, Will You Do it? Not everyone will.
Why wait? . . . Unlock the secrets of changing your life today! Here's what one of our readers had to say: "You really owe it to yourself to grab a copy of this life changing Ebook. I had my doubts when I bought it; however I recommend it without any reservations. Is my life better since putting the steps to work? Absolutely!" Margaret Z Excerpt from "How to Create A Blueprint for Living" Before your life can change, you must decide you want your life to change. I recommend pencil and paper, not your computer, for real writing. When you do real writing with pencil and pad, you get clarity. Real writing brings to the surface stuff from your subconscious mind. That doesn’t happen with the computer, as there are electrical impulses between the brain, the arm and the pad. So, go get a pencil and paper. Write down five things in your life you’d like to change. Momentarily, you’ll make a decision to change three of them. Think of this exercise as picking a building site upon which to build your custom home. You are choosing to customize your life; the building site is your inner self and you’re going to create a blueprint, a plan, an outline to change three things about yourself. The hardest part of changing anything is making the decision to change. If your life was perfect, you wouldn’t be reading this article. It is possible to start a brand-new life, right now, today. Make the decision to change your life. Know you have the power to create a brand-new blueprint for your life. You can absolutely change these things buy taking the steps in "How to Create a Blueprint for Living" Here's what you'll get •A Self Help Ebook that instantly changes your life •A new Joy for Living •Automatic Peace of Mind •The skills to make more money? •Improved relationships It's happening to people just like you every day. What will you do when it happens for you?
About the author
Wee Dilts is a native of Colorado, she grew up in a small town, Woodland Park Colorado; where she earned college money waiting tables and barrel racing in local rodeos. She graduated high school at sixteen and went to college on a full scholarship. She is a teacher, a counselor and a psychologist, holding advanced degrees in all three disciplines. She created one of the first Opportunity programs for potential dropouts. Many troubled students were able to complete high school because of her opportunity program. She has owned and operated her own FSBO real estate company. She created the original Flat Fee MLS program. She wrote the state required training manuals for franchise owners and conducted the training seminars for owners and agents. She operates a successful FSBO brokerage in Colorado. Wee is a long time sober member of AA and twenty-seven year non smoker breaking a three pack a day habit. She knows a bit about addiction and recovery. Her hobbies include: acrylic painting, clay sculpting, photography, writing and traveling. She is a life long student of the metaphysical and spiritual life. She has written numerous self help ebooks and free articles, the state franchise training manuals for her franchises, and a How to Sell Real Estate by Owner book; two children’s stories, a friendship poetry book and three sci-fi political satire fiction books. Her life has been dedicated to helping others and her new writings have much to offer about life and living.