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  • SubGenre:Personal Memoirs
  • Language:English
  • Pages:156
  • eBook ISBN:9798350908589
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350908572

Hoodlum's Miracle

by Bille Pearl

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A riveting account based on true events, "Hoodlum's Miracle" explores the life journey of a troubled man wrestling with past traumas, a murder mystery, and a terminal illness, only to experience an unexpected miracle during his darkest hour.
"Hoodlum's Miracle" is a compelling narrative grounded in true events. It follows the life of a regular man who, despite his difficult past marked by sexual abuse and the haunting murder of his father, finds romance in his life. Over the years, his pursuit of deviant pleasure becomes an attempt to cope with his traumatic experiences, a mechanism that drives him into further chaos when his ex-wife is also brutally murdered, making him the prime suspect. This unanticipated crime plunges him into a whirlwind of investigations, suspicions, and personal turmoil. In the midst of this, he receives a terminal cancer diagnosis, deepening his sense of despair. However, in the face of death and overwhelming fear, he embarks on a spiritual journey of self-discovery, faith, and resilience. Just when life seems to be coming to a premature end, a miraculous event takes place. During a near-death experience, he undergoes a transformational healing that mystifies everyone around him, including his doctors. This miraculous healing not only rejuvenates his body but also renews his spirit, awakening him to the power of faith and the possibility of redemption. "Hoodlum's Miracle" is a story of tragedy, resilience, love, faith, and the power of miracles in our lives. It inspires readers to confront their fears, seek redemption, and hold onto the hope of miracles in the direst of circumstances.
About the author
Bille Pearl, author of "Hoodlum's Miracle," ventures into the literary world with a compelling tale drawn from his personal life. Although this is his first book under this pen name, Bille is no stranger to writing. He has previously published three books under his birth name, although they did not receive professional promotion. For Bille, "Hoodlum's Miracle" signifies not just his own remarkable journey, but also a universal lesson of faith triumphing over fear, and the potential inherent in every individual. Bille's profound spirituality was nurtured during his four trips to India, where he spent a month each time studying in an ashram. During these periods of introspection and learning, he delved deeply into the art of acceptance and experienced the profound essence of miracles. While he enjoys financial independence through his commercial businesses, and has held public elected offices and served as president for various organizations, he acknowledges that these achievements pale in comparison to his personal journey of love, mystery, and miraculous healing. Bille's life-altering Near Death Experience, where he experienced a walk on the other side and conversed with the Divine, remains the pinnacle of his personal experiences. This extraordinary encounter deeply informs his writing, offering readers a truly unique narrative.

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Compelling, inspiring story of overcoming adversity Billie’s story is a brave portrayal of faith with a higher power to overcome the near death experience of cancer. He also shows significant vulnerability in his exposure to sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. A story of a man who refused to follow the status quo leading to victory in overcoming life’s challenges. Read more
An incredible story of trials and tribulations! Bille's story was captivating; the book was hard to put down! It's the story of a young man's journey into adulthood, navigating a life that threw him curve balls, difficult lessons, and at the end, miraculous healing. Throughout his life, the transformational power of LOVE would be revealed to him by God/Divine/Universe through some incredible spiritual experiences. If you love memoirs, this spiritual memoir is one of the best! Read more
Hoodlum's Miracle An amazing story full of adventure - a beautiful illustration of what faith and belief in the divine can do. Read more