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  • Genre:PETS
  • SubGenre:Dogs / Training
  • Language:English
  • Pages:350
  • eBook ISBN:9780971648012

Hidden Secrets Behind Dog Training

A Tell-All Book on Training, Dog Trainers, Group Classes, Dog Parks, Boot Camps, Pros & Cons of Many Methods, to Human and Dog Psychology!

by Kevin Salem "The Dog Prodigy"

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For the first time ever you are about to expose the secrets that all dog books, dog trainers and obedience schools do NOT want you to know. The author blows the whistle on his own industry and reveals every flaw and scam of his profession. NOTE: The title of the book is Hidden Secrets "Behind" Dog Training. It is NOT Hidden Secrets of "How to" Train Dogs. So if you are looking for a step-by-step training book, this isn’t it. This one is ALL about psychology: Dog psychology, owner psychology, and every trainer's mindset and training belief. It Reveals: * 10 Biggest Dog Training Lies that Even "Trainers" Believe! * Get Your Black Belt NOT in Training but in Dog “Psychology” * Spoiled Dog Test—How Much is Normal and What Backfires * What They Don’t Tell You About Dog Parks or Dog Classes Also: * 20 Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn't “Always” Listen * Best & Worst Trainers Under Microscope * 99% Sweet—1% Vicious! (Is Your Dog a Red Zone Case?) * When to Doubt Your Trainer or “Current” Method And: * How to Tell if Your Dog’s Gradually Taking Over * All the Reasons Your Dog Misbehaves Around Other Dogs! * The Make-or-Break Factors that Most Owners Ignore * Why it’s Best to Give Treats “After” Your Training, NOT Before Commands Kevin “The Dog Prodigy” is a master trainer and canine psychologist. He has helped over 10,000 cases nationwide. Think about it. There are over 400 breeds of dogs in the world. That’s right--400! How can they all respond to one tool or one way of training? This is the next level and the future of dog training—The Diverse Method. In a Nutshell, You’ll Master: 1. Your Dog—Learn why your pooch behaves a certain way in various scenarios. 2. Yourself—Your actions or understanding of your dog or ALL dogs. 3. Your Technique—Pinpoint the strengths & weaknesses of all methods. 4. Your Tools—Which training tools work and which do not. 5. Your Trainer—The trainer’s method, expertise, expectations and limitations. 6. The Dog Industry—Spot its flaws and how to use it to your advantage.
If you are just sick of starving your poor dog and refuse to bribe him with bunch of treats for every task--this book is exactly what you've been looking for! Did you know that there are more than 400 breeds of dogs in the world? Now, how can all these different dogs respond to just one way of training? Welcome to the next level and the future of dog training - The Diverse Method. From Myths to Mistakes and Secrets to Scams, this Book Exposes: * 10 Biggest Dog Training Lies that Even "Trainers" Believe! * How the Dog Training Industry Managed to Skillfully Brainwash All of Us * Get Your Black Belt in Dog Psychology and Skyrocket Your Results * Spoiled Dog Test - When and Why Too Much Pampering Can Backfire * What You Need to Know About Dog Parks and Dog Training Classes And that's not all. You’ll also discover: * 20 Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn't “Always” Listen * Mind-Over-Muscle Secrets that Go Beyond Just Commands * When to Doubt Your Trainer or “Current” Training Method * 99% Sweet - 1% Vicious! (Signs of Red Zone Dogs Exposed) * The Best and Worst Dog Trainers under the Microscope Plus, all these... * How to Tell if Your Dog’s Gradually Taking Charge * All the Reasons Why Your Dog Misbehaves around Other Dogs! * The Make-or-Break Factors - Cracking the Code to Your Success or Failure * Why It’s Best to Give Treats “After” the Training and NOT Before Commands In a nutshell, this is the first book of its kind that teaches you about: 1. Your Dog - Why your dog does what it does/doesn’t do in various scenarios. 2. Yourself - Your overall perception about your dog or all dogs in general. 3. Your Technique - Unravel the strengths and weaknesses of all methods. 4. Your Training Tools - Find out which training tools work and which do not. 5. Your Trainer - The trainer’s method, expertise, expectations and limitations. 6. The Dog Training Industry - Recognize its flaws and how to use the system to your advantage. The secrets in this book go FAR beyond typical obedience or your day-to-day problem solving. It will force you to re-examine just about everything you've ever read, tried, or believed when it comes to your dog, his mindset, and exactly HOW you’ve been training him. You are not being smart or safe if you narrow it down to only “positive reinforcement” or “negative reinforcement”! Folks, the secret is to follow a “Diverse Reinforcement”! Now, here’s where it gets more interesting: Almost all trainers, dog schools, and even top canine experts know this, but only a very few choose to teach or practice it. This book will explain why!
About the author
Kevin Salem is one of the brightest minds in the world of dog training. He is a master dog trainer and canine psychologist. In nearly two decades of being in the field, he has trained over 10,000. He is what you’d call the trainers’ trainer. Mr. Salem has earned his nickname as the “The Dog Prodigy” and is the innovator of the Diverse Method and president of I.D.T.F (International Diverse Trainers Federation). It’s hard to paint Kevin’s image with the same brush as other experts, as his style of rehabilitation, training, and writing makes him very distinct. Visit his award-winning website: www.DogSecrets.com to learn more and to see an eyebrow raising video clip of him in action. Ever since he was young, Kevin has been able to understand and communicate with dogs in a special way. You just know when you meet a natural. We’ve all seen one. These individuals are rarely taught, but rather born. In nearly two decades, he has successfully trained thousands of dogs worldwide, earning him the title of “The Dog Prodigy.” Regardless of your dog’s age, temperament, or previous history, you’ll find his diverse approach to work against tough odds. What makes Kevin a pioneer in his field is he’s known for accepting challenging cases that the majority of trainers, dog schools, and even animal behaviorists turn down, or can’t solve. He is proud of working with many rescue organizations in saving hundreds of dogs from abandonment, shelters, or worse, euthanasia. To expand his knowledge, he studied the strengths and weaknesses of numerous philosophies. Kevin has read over two hundred books on training, canine behavior, dog psychology and breed characteristics. Mr. Salem is what you call, “the trainers’ trainer”! He is the president and founder of IDTF (International Diverse Trainers Federation). This organization unites trainers from all over the world who believe and follow the “Diverse Method.” If you are a trainer with an open mind who combines different techniques in a smart, humane, yet effective way to get better, faster and long-term results, you are exactly who he is looking for. Make a difference today by joining this organization. Kevin currently operates Dog Secrets Worldwide in northern California where he offers house calls not only throughout the US, but all around the world. You may also send your dog to his popular program, the Doggie Boot Camp, currently only available in Sacramento, CA.