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Book details
  • SubGenre:Fairy Tales & Folklore / Anthologies
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Hey! How Did You Know My Name Is Buckles?
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:30
  • eBook ISBN:9781617924514

Hey! How Did You Know My Name Is Buckles?

Book One : The Story of a Little Boy Leprechaun

by Byron Johnson and Mark Josephs

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"Hey! How did you know my name is Buckles?" was what a little boy heard when stumbling upon a real live leprechaun! Filled with curiosity and bursting with excitement, the young boy had just discovered what children only imagine at story time. Right there in his very own home, stood a new friend that would take this ordinary kid on many, many adventures. Unsure of where he was going and what he would find, Buckles guaranteed him a grand ol' time. Trips to different lands and learning about new places, Buckles introduced him to all kinds of new faces. New cultures and new languages, they certainly encountered, but much to their surprise.....Lots and lots of Leprechauns! Each one more magical than the next. Each one a different, amazing kind. Buckles and his friend adventured around the world, and here they share their stories with you!
Buckles and his friends travel to the seven continents and the five oceans, having adventures on the way, as they journey to the Land of All Leprechauns on the special day of all Leprechauns for the festival of a lifetime! They meet Harmonichauns and Souldalers, in Asia and Africa, singing and learning about each place and each other.
About the author
Byron Johnson and Mark Josephs met, quite by chance, in the hospital. They weren't sick. They both worked there. Mark, a unit clerk and Byron, an environmental services worker. A lot of laughter and some outlandish ideas brought them together. It all started when Mark brought a Gnome figurine to work. Byron would take three styrofoam cups and place the Gnome under one of them and ask Mark to guess which cup he was under. Although their backgrounds were quite different, they both discovered they had vivid imaginations and creative desires. At one point the subject of black Leprechauns came up. Mark appreciated Byron's keen humor, while Byron appreciated Mark's ability to drive a 1964 Ford Econoline across the country when he was twenty four years old. Not wishing to get dismissed from their jobs for socializing, they got together after work to discuss the idea of collaborating on a story about a light skinned black Leprechaun named "Buckles". They started meeting regularly outside of work. Byron would say, "The story should be educational, for the kids!". That's why Buckles travels to the seven continents and five oceans, learns about music, science, friendship and loyalty. Their shared affinity for rhythm and blues and fascination with yodeling caused them to come up with what they felt was going to be the obvious, next, new form of music, "Soul Yodeling!" After Byron stopped laughing, he said, "We can call it "Sodelin'" That's how the Land of the Soul-da-lers came about. While Buckles journey has taken him to the Land of The Harmonichauns and Soul-da-lers, Byron and Mark's journey has taken them from being co-workers at an Outpatient Cancer Center, to co-writers and friends. As Byron would say,"We have as much fun working on the story, as the actual story itself!"