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  • Genre:POETRY
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:126
  • eBook ISBN:9781617926365

HaTe 2 LoVe

by Malcolm Xavier Butler

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HaTe 2 LoVe I’m not the one to let love pass me by. Even though, sometimes I may pass it up. No need to risk breaking anything that been broken before. A broken heart is broken for good. Maybe a few repairs may soothing the soul. It may put you in the mood to go out, and find another love, but inside your heart know what’s best for its own good.
Love Quiz Confident yet reserved, you’re so quite my style You don’t need a lot of make up, you have the brightest smile I’ll explore and find your mind, this could take a while I’ll let you in my world, if you wanted to, you could stay a while Able to recognize love ever since I was a child So hear me out the queen of elegance I’ve compiled all the evidence and found out some special things Through investigations I’ve found that you are all I need You could help me see, and you could help me try You could teach me how to love, and you could teach me how to fly Not solely because you’re fly Straight edged as you are, You’re providing me a high I’m still trying to get by. Trying to move from passerby to friend We could text and chat, who knows what will happen then I’ll be there for good or bad On me you could depend and rely on So keep that smile on Soon enough I’ll be the reason for it Sunny days followed by frowny tomorrows Would you mind if I borrowed your heart for the day? Actually make that forever I'm not too cheesy for happily ever after Oh, you like bad boys? I could be the best disaster and we could have a beautiful catastrophe Or do you like those suave guys The guys with light skin and light eyes I'd be completely honest Wouldn't even tell you white lies, with you is where my heart lies Where the pimp dies Don’t you understand that I’m her for you love? Isn’t it plain to see I’d face all my fears for you love Don't tell me that I’m sweet or hit me with "I like you too" I don’t wanna hear it, because I’m not in "like" with you I know it’s been a long time since you opened up, weren't afraid to let your heart out I know lately love has shattered you, ripped and pulled your vital parts out But I think you should leave the past where it is and just be with me Shit girl, I’d give you my kidney or anything I got to give I'd take a shot to the head, just so you could live If we had a cookout I’d save you the last rib AND the BIG piece of chicken! I'll do the dishes, and help you clean the kitchen Damn, I think I’m smitten, love you're cuter than a kitten I could see us kissing, playing truth or dare Just give me your hand I'll protect you if you’re scared Love for you I really care If we're out in public and we see some pretty ladies I won’t even stare I swear, cross my heart and hope to die When my day of judgment comes, I hope that you are by my side Couldn't tell you just what it is Maybe it’s your eyes.....or thighs Love you give me body highs Don’t stay away too long, I may break out in hives Cause I need you love I know it’s a lot to ask, but just trust me I can’t promise perfect, but.... I'll love you just as much as you love me
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