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Book details
  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:American / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9781624889493

Halfway to Love

by Francisco Perez

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Just out of jail, a gentleman named Carlos (aka "Lito") meets a stunning, sexy woman named Jahaira who has lots to die for. They both have a past that comes up to teach them life lessons and strong relationships that are in their pasts. When Lito falls in love, he has to make some choices that may cause his relationship with Jahaira to come to an end. In this stormy relationship, will Lito make the right decision or end up back where he started?
Author Francisco Perez/Carlos Maduro This is by far the best urban book that you are going to read if you're looking for a steamy, sexy, love/hate relationship. It's the type of book that is based on real people that depict their story on fatherhood, ups and downs, and on relationships. By the time you're done reading "Halfway to Love" you might have tears in your eyes from the touching true story of how not to treat a lady, and understand them. This is the type of book that once you start reading it, you can't put it down. This is a must read book if you like true stories and real events. This book is for mature people, due to the real life steamy sexy relationships. It's a must read for people fresh out of state or county bids, due to the fact that it teaches us the pros and cons that we put ourselves in. This book also points out the fact that people in higher positions use their authority to make us make decisions that we shouldn't have to make. By the time you're done reading "Halfway to Love", you will fight for what you want in life and go for it. My favorite thing about this book is there's a little bit of everything in it, and once you start reading it, you can't stop. This novel is all around good and fun to read. It has adventure, to drugs, to love and broken hearts. This is a romantic/drama/urban novel. It involves steamy love affairs and true relationships. It's got a lot of romantic attachment. It teaches what you need to become a good father to your children. To approach this book, you should have a mature mind due to very steamy, sexual situations, life and women. So, if this sounds interesting, you be the judge.
About the author
Carlos Manuel Maduro was born on the Island of Aruba in 1964. As a young man growing up in Aurba, he was fascinated with the beautiful white sand beaches and the clear blue waters of the Southern Atlantic Ocean. He spent most of his days there, swimming and hand-fishing to earn pocket money independent of what his Mother provided to him because Carlos had dreams...big dreams, and Carlos knew that one day he would make those dreams a reality. Carlos' first priority was to become educated both academically and in the ways of the world, and through his education, he dreamed of what life would be like in America; the place where his dreams could become a reality, so in January of 1990, Carlos told his Mother, Rubia, that he wanted to leave Aruba and go live with his two elder sisters, Sandra and Gina, in New York City. Rubia gave her son her blessings and in March of 1980, Carlos flew to New York City and there, met Sandra and Gina. The three celebrated their reunion at their home in the Bronx, aka, "Boogie Down Bronx". They were a close-nit family consisting of Sandra and her husband, Macabie, elder brother Alex and younger brother, Frankie. Many times, Carlos heard about Frankie traveling to the small city of Reading, located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, so on one of those occasions when Frankie returned home, Carlos asked Frankie about his trip, and Frankie happily told Carlos about those Reading trips, which filled Carlos with curiosity and bigger dreams. With age came more freedom and in 1987, Carlos started traveling to Reading where he set up a business dealing large quantities of cocaine. Within two years, Carlos found himself in the Berks County Prison, where he was housed until being transported to the State prison located in Dallas, PA, to serve eight years. Released in 1998, Carlos met Jahaira, the woman of his dreams. Jahaira has a son and daughter whom Carlos adopted and Jahaira gave Carlos a son. Carlos also had a son by Maribel and a son by Mariam. Life was good, but unfortunately for Carlos, dealing drugs was in his blood and in May of 2000, he was again arrested for dealing cocaine, which landed him in prison. While in prison, he decided that he had to change his life around and in remembering the wisdom of his mother telling him, "Remember one thing in life, never give up, and when you fall down, that is when you fight with all of your power to get up again because the importance of success is not how many times you fall down, it is how many times you get back up and what you do from there. it is never too late to change, but change must come from within you." Thus, one day, as Carlos thought of his Mother's wise words and how he could change his life around, a friend he was talking to about it suggested that Carlos write a book. Carlos returned to his prison cell and began to write, and through sheer determination, he finally wrote "Halfway to Love" and six other books. For the young people of the world, remember, whenever you are losing yourself by traveling on the wrong path in life, always respect your Mother, honorably, because no matter what you do and no matter how deep of a hole you seem to have dug for yourself, you can always count on your Mother because she is the first "rock" in your life and may be your only rock to which you can find comfort, solace, positive re-enforcement and change. Carlos Manuel Manduro