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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:291
  • eBook ISBN:9781617929540


Remove Your Doubts: Find Your Purpose, Passion & Power

by CC Lawhon, M.Ed.

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It’s time to meet Guru-YOU! The Ultimate way to help you handle life’s struggles. If you need an answer or if you need to solve a problem, all you need is this book (and your brilliant inner wisdom, of course!). You can read from start to finish for a whole life makeover, or just flip to your trouble spots: Understand your Past and Present Relationships, then create your IDEAL one Discover & have your dream job or career, and succeed in it Easily break out of those bad habits that you hate Heal your body, let go of pain, and start LIVING again ...and many more-just take a look at the annotated Table of Contents! This book asks the questions which help you find your answers within. You will know exactly what to do to have the life you want. With the activities in each chapter and Tools A-Z at the end, you now have everything you need to be Guru-YOU!
Guru-YOU!‘s inaugural book brings up a complete array of potential blocks to achieving our dreams, and in each chapter, explains step-by-step how to overcome these obstacles. This first book looks at everything from how to have the physical health or weight we want to how to let go of drama and stop the overwhelming thoughts that threaten our mental clarity. Guru-YOU! makes the tough issues (weight, relationships, childhood problems, drama in the workplace, general unhappiness) simple. It doesn’t minimize their importance, it gives us easy, fun, real-life ways to handle the areas in which we struggle. The chapters are short, hard-hitting, and have an activity or two at the end of each one which allow you to apply what you have learned. These mini-workshops are engaging and probing, and are tailored specifically to you. Guru-YOU! is about recognizing the answers are within, recognizing how to get to these answers, recognizing it doesn’t have to be hard or complicated to stop struggling, and knowing the tools needed to do so are right at our fingertips in this book. Organizationally, the book is divided into four parts, How Guru-YOU! Disappeared (the past), Why Guru-YOU! is Hiding (the present), and Becoming Guru-YOU! (the future) plus a cross-referenced “Tools A-Z” section at the end. The eBook includes audio meditations, video tutorials, links, and multimedia activities. The fourth section, an array of tools (cross-referenced through the chapters, and outlined in the table of contents for easy reference), shows you where to go for detailed help in any area (relationship experts, Reiki, meditation techniques, or how to find a group near you) and also give you starting points for growing and evolving (creative outlets that work for the “uncreative,” finding a spiritual connection in nature, books, church, travels, etc). This section is vital because most self-help books insist they have THE system that will fit EVERYONE. In Guru-YOU! I provide readers with a step-by-step plan but, within that framework, reference many other authors, speakers, conferences, workshops, ideas, and tools to make sure they find exactly what they need when looking for support. The tools are offered last because that many tools can be overwhelming (just go to Oprah’s website-where to start?!?). But here, because they are referenced in each clearly defined chapter, we know if a specific tool can help us in our area of concern. This last section is like a self-help Yellow Pages. It includes most anything a reader might need to put the chapters’ ideas into action. The well-defined table of contents allows you to easily find his or her issue and go right to the chapter needed. Chapter titles are very clear and annotated so it’s like many mini-books in one. Plus, after 3-5 pages on a topic, we already feel better, have a direction, and know what to do in our issue area-instead of buying a separate book for each one. Sometimes, we’ll realize we need to delve further into one area. That’s when we go to tools and find more books on the subject (or soon, go to the Guru-YOU! book on that subject). So many self-help books are contingent on wading through the whole thing for very few tidbits we feel are applicable to ourselves. In today’s hectic society, we need what we need right when we need it, and with technology advancing at the rate it is, we expect the answers lightning fast. Guru-YOU! provides that quick response time, keeps it fun, and ensures all readers have a complete register of what they may need to “Inquire Within” about any issue. Have a problem? There’s a chAPPter for that! Future Guru-YOU! books will focus on specific areas like Teens, Career, Love, Gay & Lesbian, and more. And, be sure to look for detailed workbooks/CD ROMS which will supplement each book.
About the author
CC Lawhon is a teacher. She is that rare combination of intelligent scholar and open spirit who naturally attracts those who are looking to learn. She received her bachelors degree in English/Broadcast Journalism and her Masters in Education from Pepperdine University, CA, and has since developed her unique expression of education with an approach that is unequivocally not textbook. Her passion for mentoring and assisting others to recognize their strengths has been evident in her work - in teaching institutions, within the corporate world and in the homes of families whom her heart has touched. She is dedicated to changing the culture of self-help and education to maximize individual growth and to foster a more holistic view of the learning process. CC has written several workbooks and articles to help people remove their doubts, and find their purpose, passion, and power. She facilitates individual growth, and empowers those looking to have the life they have always dreamed of having.