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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Death, Grief, Bereavement
  • Language:English
  • Pages:98
  • eBook ISBN:9781667897523
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667897516

Grief Blessings

A Story of Unimaginable Grief and Unexpected Blessings

by Mal Moss View author's profile page

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Chronicles the journey of grief and loss by the author.
Based on a 15 year journey chronicled through the blog My Soul Speaks; the author takes the reader through the moments of deep grief that seemed unimaginable to identifying the moments where the murky clouds of grief began to give way for blessings that were the foundation of walking into a new life without her daughter. During the deepest moments of grief, the author came to understand that this circumstance, this moment in time would come to define her future. The author shares various resources that helped her see she wasn't alone and provided hope when there seemed to be none. Taking these resources and support was able to create a foundation of blessings that helped her put one foot into front of the other and step into what would become her new normal.
About the author
This is Malissa's first published book and is based off her Wordpress blog: MySoulSpeaks. This book chronicles her personal grief journey after the death of her only child Brittany in 2006. Reflections and experiences are captured in, at times, raw and emotional way to provide context to how grief had been perceived prior to her loss and how it changes, evolves over the course of 15 years. It is the hope of the author that this book brings to light the grief journey challenges and the various resources available to someone going through a loss and to convey the feeling that we are not alone. There are many people and resources available to support anyone along the journey. Malissa is a registered nurse and healthcare clinical consultant. She is married and resides in Florida.

Book Reviews

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Emotional Masterpiece Mal Moss paints an emotional masterpiece that touches the very core of the human experience. This profound memoir takes readers on a transformative voyage through the depths of loss, despair, and sorrow, ultimately leading to the discovery of unexpected blessings amidst unimaginable tragedy. Mal’s narrative is a poignant reflection of a mother's worst nightmare turned into an exploration of hope and healing. From the first page, readers are drawn into the warmth of a loving family, only to be shattered alongside Mal by the sudden loss of her beloved daughter. The rawness of Mal’s grief pours forth from the pages, leaving no heart untouched. The book navigates the tumultuous waters of grief, offering solace to those who have experienced similar loss and an empathetic hand to those who have yet to walk such a difficult path. Mal’s words are achingly honest, as she lays bare the many facets of her grief, the anger, guilt, and overwhelming sadness that threaten to engulf her. Yet, it is within this vulnerability that she finds the courage to embark on a journey of healing. The narrative beautifully captures the process of grief, illustrating the often-unseen battles that occur within oneself. Mal’s willingness to share her darkest moments is both courageous and heartwarming, as she becomes a beacon of hope for others in similar situations. Through her candid accounts, readers are reminded that healing is not a linear process and that there is strength in embracing one's vulnerability. As the story unfolds, the tone subtly shifts from darkness to light as Mal discovers newfound blessings through her sorrow. Through introspection and self-discovery, she begins to acknowledge the small joys that persist even in the midst of immense pain. These moments of gratitude and newfound perspective are the threads of resilience that weave their way through the narrative, showing the beauty that can emerge from the most challenging of circumstances. "Grief Blessings” is a testament to the power of the human spirit. Mal’s ability to find blessings amidst tragedy serves as a profound reminder of the strength we all possess to endure life's most profound trials. The book's eloquent prose and deeply personal accounts evoke a range of emotions, often leaving readers with tears in their eyes and a lump in their throats. However, the overall message is one of hope and resilience, reminding us that, even in the darkest of times, blessings can be found in the most unexpected places. Throughout the book, Mal deftly weaves poignant life lessons that extend far beyond grief, touching on themes of compassion, forgiveness, and the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones. Her wisdom is a guiding light for those who may find themselves grappling with grief or searching for hope in their own lives. In conclusion, "Grief Blessings” is a deeply moving and profound memoir that transcends the boundaries of loss and grief. Mal Moss’s candid storytelling and her ability to extract blessings from heartache make this a powerful read that will leave a lasting impression on all who pick up this book. Through Mal’s inspiring journey, readers will learn that the human spirit can rise from the depths of sorrow to find unexpected blessings, reminding us all that even in the darkest of times, hope and healing can prevail. Read more
A Must Read to Move from Grief's War Within Mal is a moving and empowering person because of her own struggle with overwhelming grief and the battle to realign her life to come back to the world of the living. This book details a horrific struggle with loss that has brought her back into a new relationship with life itself, while learning to trust herself to live and love again. It is a testament to living through the darkest of times behind a mask, to truly embracing the spirit of love even in unsurmountable pain. A very empowering and rewarding read. I am so happy for Mal to walk in the fullness of life after struggle unimaginable pain. Well done! Read more
An important work about one of life's most difficult journeys "Grief Blessings" is a heartfelt work by Mal Moss in which she walks the reader through her own journey of loss and grief. Moss also carefully lays out a path forward for readers who have experienced loss and cannot see their way ahead. The chapters are beautifully interspersed with Moss’s poetry about her experiences, as well. "Grief Blessings" is an important book to have on hand, both for readers currently experiencing grief and for those who will inevitably go through this journey. Read more
A MUST read for anyone who has lost a loved one, especially a child Mal’s story of her beautiful daughter is one of heart wrenching grief and the courage to move forward even if you don’t think you can face another day. She gives inspiration and hope by being brutally honest about how she felt those first moment after Brittany left this world and going forward 16 years later. I’ve been through this experience myself many years ago and I still learned from her experience and writings that can continue to help me today. Mal is a talented writer and if you question the title of her book, just read it and you’ll fully understand the meaning. She’ll give you inspiration and hope! Read more