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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Self-Management / Stress Management
  • Language:English
  • Pages:30
  • eBook ISBN:9781483516691

Frustration - From Source to Solution

Beating "Emotional Cancer" - Creating Extraordinary Outcomes

by Adrian Brown

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Frustration is probably the most common emotion that is experienced countless times a day by every single human being. Much of the time we are unaware of its effect and it passes unnoticed. However, there is a dark side to frustration, where it eats away at your drive, joy, excitement and sense of fulfilment. If left unresolved frustration can take over and misery and despair soon follow. In this book, I am going to show you how to identify the things that cause your frustration and show you simple steps to transform frustration from a damaging emotional cancer, into extraordinary outcomes, for you, your colleagues and your life.


Sometimes you have to get kicked by the horse before you realize that they can hurt you. Its like that with the consequences of frustration, it’s just you seem to need to be kicked by frustration a lot more than one time before you realize how damaging it is. A horse has kicked me once, it hurt and now I have a very healthy respect for the back end of horses. With frustration I was not so fortunate. It wasn’t until the fifth kick when I finally woke up to the damage that frustration caused in my life and realised I could do something about it. Experience is a wonderful way to learn about life and it is fortunately not the only way. There is an old Sufi parable about knowledge that talks about an old man who on his way home one evening comes across a young man on his hands and knees by a street light. He asks the young man what he is doing and the young man replies that he has lost the key to his house. The old man starts to help the young man look for his key and after some time has passed the old man askes the young man, “is this where you lost the key?” to which the young man replies “no I lost it over there in the dark”. “So why are you looking for it here?” the old man asks, and the young man says “I am looking for it here because this is where the light is.” When the horse kicked me it was easy to see the source of the pain and then take the appropriate steps to avoid being kicked again. With Frustration the true source often eludes us so that whatever steps we take to avoid the frustration in the future fail. Discovering the source of your frustration is the most important step to being able to handle frustration effectively and prevent its cancer like damage. I call frustration the source of emotional cancer due to its relentless assault on your confidence, self-esteem and ability to cope with stress. In “Frustration From Source to Solution” I will help you discover the true source of your frustration and help you build the tools and skills that you will need to diminish the damaging effects that it can have on your life and the lives of those around you. I will shine a light into the darkness so that you can find the key to a life free of the effects of frustration. Frustration will always be there but if you can recognise it quickly then you can build strategies and approaches that will stop it disrupting your life.

About the author

Adrian Brown is a Personal Business Coach. He helps SME business leaders at all levels achieve amazing results through a range of One-2-One coaching techniques which he has developed over the past 30 years, out of his experience of building two million plus businesses and working across the globe. If you want to achieve great results, drive a new project forward or overcome a daunting challenge he is the right person to speak to. The world of business coaching is changing. Adrian knows and understands the secrets personal coaching and applies them in ways few others know or use. He has used these techniques in his own businesses and through his personal coaching he passes that knowledge on to others through One-2-One Coaching, books and webinars on how to excite and lead your people to produce amazing performance Writing about achieving great performance by engaging your people and helping create new exciting perspectives for his coaching clients so they can achieve outstanding results is his ONLY business. He has coached individuals from a wide range of SME businesses including Hospitality, HR, Insurance, Luxury Goods, IT Services, Construction, Fitness, Cleaning Services, Legal profession and the Property Rental sectors. If you want to boost your personal performance you should contact Adrian. He provides personal coaching across a range of topics within the field performance coaching. They include, but are certainly not limited to: How to inspire and motivate your front of house staff to deliver excellent customer service How to engage your people in building the future of your business How to overcome a personal challenge that has disrupted you focus, performance and enthusiasm How to build really effective working relationships that create innovative, collaborative and ultimately joyous working environments How to fully engage all of the hearts and minds of the people in your life Adrian looks forward to helping YOU on your next project or overcoming your personal challenges and encourages you to subscribe to his website to learn more about how to improve your personal performance, the performance of your people and to overcome any personal challenges you may face.