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  • Genre:TRUE CRIME
  • SubGenre:Murder / Serial Killers
  • Language:English
  • Pages:374
  • Format:Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN:9781732417120

Frustrated Witness! - Second Edition

The Complete Story of the ADAM WALSH Case and Police Misconduct

by Willis Morgan View author's profile page

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Why? Two unforgettable names, Adam Walsh and Jeffrey Dahmer, one tragic case: The author's goal is justice for little Adam Walsh. A wall of evidence points to America's most notorious serial killer and pedophile Jeffrey Dahmer murdering and decapitating Adam. Accordingly, the author wants the Hollywood Police Department (HPD) to reopen the case and close it correctly. This will finally bring proper closure for the Walsh family, which includes Adam's father, John, who channeled his rage by becoming the crime-fighting host of the popular TV show America's Most Wanted. Who? The author describes how he encountered Dahmer at length near the time and place little Adam was abducted. This book has consumed well over three decades of the author's life, with at least one decade investigating and writing this book. He has appeared on many TV shows and in numerous print publications as a witness. In 2010 he filed a lawsuit against the HPD, State Attorney's Office, and one of the detectives involved in the Adam Walsh case. What? As much as this book is a case for Dahmer being Adam's murderer, it is equally a study of how the HPD conducted the homicide investigation, becoming the greatest ally and defender of America's most notorious serial killer. "I have a problem with facts that don't fit, with witnesses not called or used, with bungled investigations, and with cover-ups after the fact," the author writes. The author presents many, many witnesses who know they saw Dahmer. Packed with charts, diagrams, photos, and letters, this is the most extensive collection of records to date of the Adam Walsh case.
Subject: Book to unveil the truth of the Adam Walsh killer On July 27, 1981, six year old Adam Walsh was abducted from the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood, Florida and later found decapitated. The horror of the event would change America forever and bring about much needed changes to child protection and safety laws. Willis Morgan was at the Hollywood Mall on the same day. It was there he had an unnerving encounter with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, just before Adam went missing. However his witness statements about Dahmer were rejected by police and he watched in frustration as they investigated and convicted Ottis Toole, knowing they had the wrong man. "Frustrated Witness", his book, details the various eyewitness accounts of the events of that fateful day in the mall and major flaws in the police investigation, in an attempt to right a wrong that continues to haunt him. "This is the account of Adam Walsh's abduction and my attempts stretching across decades to find justice for him," Morgan writes. "As much as this book is a case for Jeffrey Dahmer being Adam's murderer, it is equally a study of how the Hollywood Police Department (HPD) conducted the homicide investigation." Morgan has left no stone unturned in his quest for the truth and "Frustrated Witness" includes an incredible array of evidence he gathered, piece by painstaking piece, to prove Dahmer committed the murder of Adam Walsh. This includes statements of witnesses he tracked down, crime scenes he uncovered, police investigative reports he researched, an analysis of suspect composites and even the sordid details of Dahmer's murky past before he came to be known as America's most notorious serial killer who dismembered, ate or kept parts of his victims. "Frustrated Witness" presents a compelling wall of guilt that not only implicates Dahmer but presents the facts to the court of public opinion, in the hope that it ultimately brings about justice for Adam Walsh.
About the author
Willis Morgan was born in Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY. He graduated from Bellport High School then went on to Suffolk County Community College before joining the United States Air Force as a Security Police Officer. In 1972 Willis moved to Miami and started working for the Miami Herald. In 1977 he became a supervisor in charge of the training program for the pressroom. In 1981 Willis became involved in the Adam Walsh case after he had an encounter with one of America's most notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, in Radio Shack located in the Hollywood Mall, Hollywood Florida. The day was July 27, 1981. This was the same day that Adam Walsh was abducted. After being brushed off by the Hollywood Police Department when he tried to tell them what happened. Willis spent the next three decades trying to find justice for Adam. After the Hollywood Police Department closed the case on December 16, 2008 pinning Adam's murder on a sycophantic serial confessor, Ottis Toole, Willis started tracking down other witnesses to find out where the police went wrong. It was also about that time Willis started writing his book Frustrated Witness! Willis wants the world to know it was not Ottis Toole that murdered Adam.
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