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  • Genre:POETRY
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:88
  • eBook ISBN:9781618425874

Frontiers and Back Tears in Time and Space

by Lee Hedstrom

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Poetry; using the themes of time and space to bring about a sensation of being within the smallest cell, and expanded into the deepest resesses of space, and every open space in between.
We see the stars come out each night and wonder what is really up there. We see a beautifully pregnant woman and ask ourselves what those tiny cells are really doing We see the depths of the sea and are amazed at the darkness, and say to ourselves, "what is down there?' How can we know these questions without exploring, and what better way than to write poetry propagating small tidbits of knowledge without a heavy dose of over enthusiastic verbiage.
About the author
Biography Nothing brings back memories of love and family more than simply remembering growing up in a small town, with family and relatives all around. I developed a love for open spaces, and pondered the vastness of the sky overhead. Perhaps that is why I look at every aspect of space with curiosity. Growing up in and around Norway, Kansas gave me the opportunity to go to school with friends and relatives. All the way through high school in Scandia, Kansas, we laughed and cried together. In 1968, when I went off to college at Dana College in Blair Nebraska, it was the first break from home, and it was one of those decisive moments in my life. I learned about the inner spaces that carry us into the light of day, or the darkest nights. The triumph of the soul becomes the canvas upon which the space between the ears painted my future. As I matured the values of those early years back home returned. I graduated from college in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Religion. I continued my education at Luther/Northwestern Seminary for one year. After several years of working outside the home I found myself in the dark spaces of life. I lost my home and family, ending up at the Union Gospel Mission. However, that period in my life was also my salvation, because I was placed in an atmosphere of love and support. I was able to regain my relationship with God, and even my family. Fourteen months passed in 1987, 1988, and 1989, before I was able to move on with my life. In 1988 I met my wife, Maggie, who has given me the love and support I had with my family back home. Together we have been able to grow and flourish in our relationship with each other and our families. Together with our five children and six grandchildren, we have enjoyed every day. We live in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, and enjoy our home and our garden. We each work outside the home, Maggie works at the University of Minnesota. I write books and poetry, and work outside the home. I have written two nonfiction books entitled; The Church At The Edge Of Time, and A Life Of Communion, published through Tate Publishing, and a book of poetry telling two stories of love amid the struggles, which inevitably come as our families grow and change. When God became an integral part of our family, we were able to bring our times of trouble to Him, knowing that the answer would come. That possibility of going to God with struggles and pain has been our practice in my family. We have been able to face many difficult times because God has promised us that He would never leave us nor forsake us, and when He promises something, He keeps His word. My newest book of poetry is a study in time and space entitled; Frontiers and Back Tears in Time and Space. The story of time and space is fascinating because of its vastness, and its intimacy. Time and space, entangled with each others grasp, ties us into a bond which cannot be broken without destroying all of us. Yet we see the conflict between the three of us as we all try to become the one with the power within the junta.