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  • SubGenre:Healing / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:158
  • eBook ISBN:9781447759591

Friar Tuck's Guide to Sherwood Forest

No one has all the answers, but there is one answer for all

by Ron Lauglin

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A Brief Word from Friar Tuck You are about to begin an adventure into space, time and eternity. The places may be distant, the time remote……..the ideas transcending both. It is one of the most momentous adventures for the human mind to comprehend. You will be called upon to seek one of the greatest options to survival you could undertake. A journey through the Forest, combat with mighty forces, the wonders of the times, the fellowship of the people, the known and the unknown of Friar Tuck's world........your world............Sherwood Forest. It is a call to confront reality and to master the real self. Those who dare to follow soon learn of the difficulty and danger of the lonely but rewarding journey and soon discover what is required to make a trip of such intense importance. The words may at times seem foreign. The descriptions of the conditions may seem quite remote. Logic will seem out of place for some but the understanding should hopefully become crystal clear. Our minds must be cleansed of all preconceptions that dull their sensitivity and become alert to new insights and concepts. Lay aside your preconceived ideas without prejudice. Come with me to Sherwood Forest. Do not limit your understanding or appreciation of the adventure we are about to begin. I hope you will be able to see the Forest for the trees. Signed Friar Tuck
A Message from the Author Somewhere in the minds of modern men and women there is raised the question of the plausibility of our origin. What have been our true beginnings? Were we made from God as the bible says? Were we formed from the slime over eons and eons of time which brought us to our present level? Were we colonized and taught by visitors from outer space? Each theory has its staunch opponents and proponents. Both sides vehemently able to stimulate a respectable amount of public opinion. It is with this in mind I wish to convey a somewhat different approach to these theories and with proper dissection give justification to some and refute others. Time seems to be the tenuous link where theologians, archaeologists, and scientists principally disagree. Theories advanced by each group are based upon the sparsest of true knowledge. The archaeologist may create an entire civilization by virtue of a few remnant artefacts. The scientist may disagree wholeheartedly with many theories because he cannot "physically" touch the fact. The theologian accepts much on "blind faith". Each has its own merit. None on their own give the total answer unequivocally. In reference to this book let me just briefly convey what the title, the table of contents, and the text represent as they are implied in words and phrases. Each chapter in the table of contents has a brief description under its heading to give it the real meaning of what is being introduced. The idea of the text is to allow you, the reader, the privilege of understanding without having to interpret the author's writing. It is used to give you the opportunity to question. New questions perhaps that may give you new insights. It is a book that should give you, in the end, more questions than answers. The answers given within are there to stimulate your thinking processes, make you question what you may have before taken for granted or overlooked. Friar Tuck was used as the Guide because I felt no one would feel intimidated by this character. He represents good but not without all the human foibles we each demonstrate in our average lifestyle. He enjoys life and is held in high esteem for his honesty and integrity. He does not apply guilt or judgement, or become overbearing and pompous with his answers. Sherwood Forest is life itself as we live it, all the twists and turns, the known and the unknowns. The Traveller is all of us wandering blindly through life having been put off once too often letting cynicism lead the way. I hope you open your minds without prejudice or forethought. Pay as much attention to the questions as to the answers. Perhaps at the end of the book a new direction of thought will prevail and you will be guided upon a new path of understanding or new questions that will help in understanding. Signed, The Author
About the author
Born in Dayton, Ohio, schooled in Miamisburg, Ohio USA and Miami University (Biology/English major), Ron spent the majority of his youth honing his skills in the outdoors and creating a passion that would guide him forever. He spent ten years with the Ohio Division of Wildlife during which time he wrote two newspaper columns, created and hosted two radio programs, developed a TV show, prepared weekly newsletters and wrote dozens of magazine articles. He felt a change was needed. There was more out there. It was time to move on. Ron wanted to travel and pursue a full time writing career somewhere else. He pointed his old Ford van south ending up in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. The first days in the islands found him working on a treasure dive boat. He had found his outdoor paradise. Within a few weeks he became the dock master of the largest big game fishing marina in the Keys. His days were spent mating on the charter boats learning from the top big game fishing captains. He has caught every known game fish in the Atlantic. He has dived, boated and sailed in most of the Caribbean waters. In the mid 80's he and a partner began a newspaper in the lower Keys. Ron wrote several columns and shared the editorial duties. Many adventures and extensive travel throughout the world during this period. One such adventure was when his sailboat caught fire in the middle of the night and he spent six days on a life raft before being rescued and finally ending up in Panama. In 1989 he and his photographer partner spent several months on a Pacific research tour for travel articles. Spending six weeks in New Zealand he fell in love with the country AND one of its residents (Paula) whom he asked to come to the States for a visit. They have been happily married now since 1990. After three years living in Mexico on an island off the coast of the Yucatan they went back to New Zealand. Ron returned to his writing. His love and knowledge of fine food and wine allowed him the privilege of writing the "dining out" column for the Wellington newspaper, "The City Voice", along with articles on local politics and travel. He was back in his element but sadly this was not to last. The owners decided to close the paper a couple of years down the road. During this time he also worked in TV shows, did TV and magazine ads and worked in the "Lord of the Rings" movie. It was time to move on. He needed to travel and write. In July 2003 he and Paula bought a 7 meter Hino bus converting it into their travelling home accompanied by their two cats, Chocolate and Sylvester. By January 2004 their latest adventure began and lasted 5 ½ years. They spent 24/7-365 a year constantly cruising the country. Many magazine articles and over 10,000 photos later. Ron is providing magazine and newspaper articles on the places they visited, the people they met plus whatever else may be of interest and is now spending his time creating personal itineraries for international visitors. In the 70’s and 80’s Ron spent as much time as he could spare to studying philosophy and religion to help develop a personal concept of what he feels are the right answers for him. He now wants to share them with everyone with this book……