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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Satire
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9781098380304
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098380298


by Christopher Jackson

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Can the Red and Blue extremes of America ever get along? Can men and women? Possibly...if held at gunpoint and an African leopard is involved. In one memorable night Gage Randolph steals the Confederacy's most sacred Civil War relic, gives a ride to America's dumbest domestic terrorist, and accidentally kidnaps a liberal cable TV host. This wildly incompatible group needs to lie low and a bankrupt restaurant run by Gage's friend, Bud Roy Roemer, is the perfect hideout. Extricating themselves from a litany of felonies—only some of which they committed on purpose—is complicated by an African leopard Bud Roy's fiancé brings home to join the Roemer household and a tenacious deputy sheriff intent on righting a past wrong. Trying to stay one step ahead of the law and out of paw's reach of carnivorous African mega fauna, Bud Roy and Gage seek guidance and inspiration from two uniquely grotesque American institutions: a talk radio host who dispenses pellets of white rage over the airwaves four hours a day, and a lawyer with very few ethical redlines. The answer to their problem, they discover, is cruising 13 miles off the North Carolina Coast. Freedomland is an exploratory oil rig converted into a luxurious, mobile, sovereign state by a tax-hating Silicon Valley billionaire who loves America so much he can't wait to leave it. For this collection of misfits—and one angry leopard—getting to Freedomland proves difficult. But leaving is murder.

FreedomLand's satiric look into the ailing heart of America skewers the political right and left as they battle over the issues animating the American conversation: gun control; the wasteland that is talk radio and cable news; the idiocy of white supremacy; misogyny; remembrance of the Civil War; and the increasing disparity between the super rich and everyone else. Why? Because sometimes things are so bad all you can do is laugh.

About the author

Christopher Jackson’s life on the move—over thirty years living in various countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa—has provided him with a unique perspective on the United States. The bemused, affectionate, but sometimes exasperated, detachment that only  professional expatriates can develop for the land of their birth informs Jackson’s writing as he explores the sometimes dark but always absurd corners of American life. He is the author of FreedomLand, the forthcoming novel Deep Reservations and is currently writing a third novel, Show Me. He resides with his wife and two children somewhere in Africa. He maintains that thirty minutes of U.S. cable news per day—if he can stand it—provides the fodder for another ten novels. 

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An entertaining satire -- interesting characters, plot twists, and colorful, descriptive language! “Freedomland” is a well-paced, entertaining satire taking aim at America’s political polarization. With enough plot twists to keep the pages turning, the book is fun as well as thought- provoking. In terms of character development, both human and otherwise, there’s plenty of colorful language that builds their personalities, motives, quirks, and foibles, such as the choice of family pet, for instance. Comparisons and references to well-known movies (“Die Hard” for example), people, events, and places help amplify the plot’s situations and actions. Artfully worded and stimulating linguistic choices (“…the overly purposeful strides of a man clinging tenuously to bipedalism…”) make “Freedomland” a great joy to read. Read it on Kindle while awaiting the print version. (To be transparent, I believe I know the author’s evil twin.) Read more