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  • Genre:TRUE CRIME
  • SubGenre:Organized Crime
  • Language:English
  • Pages:327
  • eBook ISBN:9780615636245

Frederick W. Smith's Fedex Plantation

by Gary Rullo Sr.

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Book details Racism & Discrimination against African Americans by an Extremely Racist Fedex management. That Fedex is the "Number One shipper of Illegal Drugs" in the world. And how Drug Dealers ship illegal drugs all across America with complete safety. How the author "a Fedex courier" was ordered to commit Fraud against the military by Fedex management, and that he instead went to and worked undercover with military investigators of the (AFOSI) in nationwide investigations that proved a "Conspiracy to Commit Fraud" against the military and other government agencies including the CIA. That also during that investigation AFOSI agents told him Fedex founder and CEO Fred Smith was "Smuggling Illegal Drugs" into the U.S. from Mexico. And they asked his help in that Drug Smuggling investigation too. After the investigation for Fraud was completed the courier contacted ABC's 20-20 which did a feature segment that exposed and ended the fraud. After the 20-20 show the FBI contacted the courier asked him to help them catch Fedex Thieves who had stolen a "huge Gold shipment" from a Fedex shipment. On March 22, 2002 the courier's wife came home and found him semi-conscious on their bed and covered in his blood. He had been ..."left for Dead." In an attempt to silence him Forever.
When I hired on with Fedex I figured like most, to work hard, do a good job and if all went well ...retire from there. But that wasn't going to happen. I found instead a company and CEO whose roots were steeped in Racism & Discrimination against Blacks as not seen in 75 years. That Fred Smith and white Fedex management designs and engineers equipment that is "dumbed down" called "NP" equipment. Because they believe Black workers are NOT as smart as their white co-workers. Fedex management uses "The Pen like the Whip" to control it's Black employees. And that Fedex management has programs in place to take advantage of loyal Black workers and keep them out of management except as "Tokens". I learned that Fedex CEO Fred Smith was involved in a criminal "Conspiracy to Commit Felony Fraud" against our military, the CIA and other branches of government. The Fraud involved "classified sensitive" military equipment and documents. Some of which was lost and or stolen and included a Defense Equipment, Explosives and even "Top Secret" NATO Defense computer system that was desperately needed in Germany for U.S. security. I collected evidence to prove the fraud and contacted the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and worked undercover in nationwide investigations with them to STOP the Fraud. During the investigation of Fraud, AFOSI agents told me that they worked with a major Federal task force of government investigators in Washington. And that Fedex CEO Fred Smith was involved in "Smuggling Illegal Drugs" into the U.S. from Mexico. They asked my help in matters concerning Fedex flight schedules and airports etc.. AFOSI Agents warned me that Fred Smith was a Drug Smuggler and a "Dangerous man" and to be careful because he may try to harm me. Newspapers reported that I had unknowingly taken (79) pounds of Military Explosives into an elementary school yard filled with small children. I contacted ABC's 20-20 which did a feature story of the Fraud and also of the rampant "Illegal Drugs" going through, stolen by and used by Fedex couriers and management while making pickups and deliveries. Shortly after the 20-20 show aired the FBI contacted me and asked my help in catching Fedex Thieves who had stolen a Huge shipment of Gold From the Bank of Delaware. They said that Fedex management would NOT cooperate with them or allow the FBI or DEA near their airport facilities. They also told me that Fedex CEO Fred Smith was a "Drug Smuggler" and that he was a "Dangerous Man" and that I had to be careful because he might send someone to harm me." ON March 22, 2002 my wife came home and found me semi-conscious and covered in blood on our bed. She called an ambulance and they rushed me to the hospital where doctors saved my life. An attempt had been made on my life. And I had been ..."Left For Dead... to .... "Silence me Forever." As of this writing I am still alive. The TRUTH is coming .....Pandora's Box ... has been opened. Gary Rullo Sr. ...The Honest Courier...
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