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Book Image Not Available
Book details
  • SubGenre:Women
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781618428684

For Once In My Life, A Mother's Love: Ramona's Story of Inspiration

My Mother, Her Story, The Inspiration

by Corey A. Ford

Book Image Not Available
"Rise!" Rise up to identify your purpose. Rise up to live within that purpose. Rise up to live within your passion for that purpose. "Rise!" "For Once In My Life, A Mother's Love: Ramona's Story of Inspiration" is not just a book to read, but a call of action to "Rise" in Loving appreciation for all that has ever been bestowed upon and during your Life. The magnificent teachings of a wonderful person, a beautiful woman, an impeccable Spirit and a Heavenly soul that so graced my Life before and during my Life to only continue doing so after her Life. That is who Mother's are! That is what Mother's do! They "Rise!" And Blessed you are to be in the presence of one that has single-handedly made all of the difference, whenever and wherever a difference needed to be made in and for your Life. The recognition of such compels me much to put on full display the "who, what, where and why" with respect to all the difference that has ever been made, in my Life. "For Once In My Life, A Mother's Love: Ramona's Story of Inspiration" is the platform on which I stand, proclaiming the Blessings of this man, from everything that I was not, to everything that I now am. I honor my Mother and I praise my Father for Blessing me with that "wonderful, beautiful, impeccable and Heavenly" woman that I am humbly honored to forever be able to refer to and call, my Mom. I "Rise" up in the form of a standing ovation in perpetual elation as I salute the reason for such a joyous occasion. I "Rise" up at the opportunity that has been afforded to me to be the same difference that was made in my Life by the very woman that gave me Life, until her own Life was no more. "For Once In My Life, A Mother's Love: Ramona's Story of Inspiration" is the testimony of my lips that inspires me to inspire, with an ounce of effort and a tireless desire to be the difference that was the difference, in my Life. My Mother, Her Story, The Inspiration. I give you, "For Once In My Life, A Mother's Love: Ramona's Story of Inspiration." May you too, "Rise!"
"For Once In My Life, A Mother's Love: Ramona's Story of Inspiration" Back in Grade School, High School, Vocational School and even College, it always behooved me to create a Cheat Sheet. The purpose of this Cheat Sheet was NOT to cheat, but served as a checkpoint for all of the important things that I needed to study for and remember in order to prepare for and successfully pass my test or exam. Throughout My Life My Mother has served as my Cheat Sheet. Whenever I needed an ear to hear, someone to brainstorm with or toss my ideas off of, My Mother was my go to person. My Mother always told me that "man plans, but God decides." As usual, she was right again, because I wasn't planning on the events that culminated into what became the celebration of Her Life. My Cheat Sheet always provided me with the answers that I needed, the advice that I sought and the confidence that was required to navigate through the rough terrain that we commonly refer to as Life.  My Cheat Sheet had all of what I needed in the earthly realm to effectively make it happen. My Cheat Sheet was always one phone call away. My Cheat Sheet provided me with a Lifetime of information, advice, Love and memories. Yes, I have truly been Blessed to have had my Cheat Sheet in the wonderfully beautiful form of My Mother. For all that know me, have listened to my music and read my Blogs, know that beyond a shadow of doubt, void of ANY ambiguity and with every ounce of my being, that I LOVE My Mother. I CHERISH My Mother. I ADORE My Mother. My Mother has been my rock of Gibraltar, my spiritual guidance and the reason I refuse to let the grass grow underneath my feet. The rest of my Life will serve as a platform for everything that My Mother stood for, believed in, achieved and accomplished. Oft times we try to live vicariously because we desire what we THINK others have. I choose to breathe Life in the form of My Mother's Legacy through me and everything I do from this day forth. Like I said, I had the distinct pleasure of sharing my Blogs with My Mother and witnessing her joy in knowing that I have always carried her words near and dear to my heart. You see, when My Mother was talking, I was always listening. And for her to know that I was indeed paying attention validated everything that she taught me along her journey's path. I can no longer call UP my Cheat Sheet when I need that comforting voice, but rest assured that I can always call ON my Cheat Sheet for the rest of my Life. Whatever test or exam that Life throws my way, I am confident that my Cheat Sheet already contains the answers and will safely navigate me through. "For Once In My Life, A Mother's Love: Ramona's Story of Inspiration"
About the author
All the Best, All the Time! is the platform that Corey A. Ford has created in order to author "Stories of Inspiration" and demonstrate having the magnificent best and being the absolute best, all of the time! Verbal illustrations through physical memorization, all of the things that have been witnessed, experienced or happened upon during Life. All the Best, All the Time! is a commitment to everyone that is encountered with sincere appreciation that affectionately displays the intentions that are vigorously backed up with each and every one of the "Stories of Inspiration" that are authored with a single purpose in mind: to SHARE. In order to TRULY wish someone All the Best, All the Time! you must FIRST believe with your STRONGEST conviction that your heart is content with All the Best, All the Time! Some people WANT All the Best, All the Time! but they are not ready to truly EMBRACE the notion and lifestyle of All the Best, All the Time! All the Best, All the Time! is the next level swagger! It has nothing to do with anything that is LESS than All the Best, All the Time! You should BE or WELL on your way to All the Best, All the Time! so that you can adequately, with rhyme AND reason, encourage others to join you, so they TOO can arrive at All the Best, All the Time! be a witness and offer personal testimonies to their LIFE experiences as well. Upon your arrival, All the Best, All the Time! requires you to BE All the Best, All the Time! in the event that "Eyes of Admiration" are upon you, with or without your knowledge. All the Best, All the Time! is a way of life, a philosophy, a belief and Corey A. Ford's Culture. All the Best, All the Time! is for YOU! All the Best, All the Time! is for ME! And All the Best, All the Time! is for those that wish to subscribe to something "Better." With that said, WELCOME, to All the Best, All the Time! where: Love and My Mother are My Inspiration! Love and My Mother are My Motivation! Love and My Mother are My Celebration! Love and My Mother are My Dedication! Stories of Inspiration brought to you by All the Best, All the Time!
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