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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:330
  • eBook ISBN:9781483538556

Flight of the Windwalker

A Legend Is Born

by L.T. Noble

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When fugitive Jin Falen discovers a young and pregnant Kastalyna, he finds himself hunted by forces bent on world domination. These forces fear the survival of Kastalyna and her child and unleash the full measure of their weaponry in attempt to destroy her. Armed only with his experience as a former soldier, Falen takes the secret war to those shadowy forces in a clash that will determine the destiny of Kastalyna, her unborn child, and the entire world.
Flight of the Windwalker is set in the dark future of planet Earth, taking place six years following the Great Terra System War. The War was supposed to be the War to End All Wars after its horrific conclusion of the Moon Massacres where ten-thousand survived out of four-hundred million people. Since the Amnesty, the two opposing factions maintain an uneasy peace but remain utterly at odds. Each side works to infiltrate the other through the millions of soldiers and weapons upholding the dominant mercenary culture. Behind the façade of warfare and peace, dark powers lurk unseen and unacknowledged, seeking to devour anyone outside their control. These powers target Kastalyna Mandreyfus, a pregnant sixteen year-old girl, who somehow escapes the annihilation of her family and home. She is discovered by Jin Falen, the last member of an elite unit and Survivor of the Moon Massacres. As her innocence shines in stark contrast to his dark past, Jin Falen takes Kastalyna under his protection. But the dark powers hunting Kastalyna are not mortal beings and their agents could be anyone anywhere. In this trial by fire, Jin and Kastalyna bond as their stories unfold throughout their flight. Jin is an orphan who lied about his age to get into the military, fighting on Terra, Mars, and the Moon. The flame of war smolders in him but also a weariness of humanity and its depravity. Still, this world-weary soldier has never met one like the radiant Kastalyna who was born to a loving family, raised within the warmth of a home. Their relationship grows deeper even as pursuit draws the net tighter and tighter. They continue the fight for survival and for true love in a world where life is cheap and nothing remains sacred. Flight of the Windwalker concludes in one cataclysmic clash where their very souls are the prize of victory.
About the author
L.T. Noble writes from his home in the Sierra Nevadas of California where the rugged vistas open new worlds and stories with every fold of the land. His writing has become his therapeutic relaxation and he hopes to continue writing until they nail down his coffin lid. He is author of Onuuonath Keeril: Ascension of the Morning Star.