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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Angelic Heroes Trilogy
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:363
  • eBook ISBN:9781483532233

Fire of Light

Beauty, Loving, Hero

by D. C. Cowan

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As the light of truth is born in the darkness, the false bearer of light rises over the city of peace with scorching heat. With heat as intense as the sun, everything in the path of the evil one will vanish into smoke. The beauty will disappear and love will vanish from the face of Gaia. Will the child of light complete her mission before the sun’s scorching heat destroys her city? Three women . . . Three prophets . . . Three ages. . . The spirit is like an eternal fire that burns within each of us. The greater the spirit the brighter the fire will burn. It’s a fire that will never be extinguished. This raging fire inside wants nothing more than to be released to freedom. As the flesh is aging and slowly dying, the fire within grows cold. The prophets of the One must let their light shine to a hopeless world driven into the dark. Fire is life. Fire is light. Fire is truth.


In a fictitious world called Gaia, explore the city of Arcadia during its Great Depression. Despite a convoluted history of war, religion, and corruption, an ancient prophecy points to this city as the One’s birthplace for the second coming. When the child of light appears, he or she will be the beacon to reveal the second coming and a vessel to thwart the evil brewing in this autocratic society. During this time alchemists not only have the power to transmute metals, but also to transmute human beings into superior beings. No one knows exactly how the superior beings acquire their power, but once the dormant power is unleashed it is unstoppable. From childhood to adult years, follow the life story of several Arcadians some of which belong to the superior race. Those who believe the prophecy believe the child of light will be one of the superior beings. However, with the House of Lords interfering with the lives of Arcadians the believers will have to find the child of light before they do. Child of Light is the debut novel from the author D. C. Cowan and is the second novel in the Angelic Heroes Trilogy. Chronologically, the first novel, Book of Omni, starts hundreds of years in the past during the Arcadian Revolution occurring during the time of the One’s first coming. The third novel, Mount of Truth, finishes the trilogy with an epic journey around the world, through time and dimensions in order to discover the truth and find the mystical city hidden in the mountains said to be the dwelling place of the One on earth.

About the author

D. C. Cowan is a collaborative mother-daughter team who is pleased to present fantasy book series about spirituality starring minorities. Cowan, Sr. completed her first work thirty years ago entitled the Black Rose Series. With a personal love of studying the spiritual world, Cowan, Jr. has written several books that delve into the relation of God, angels and humans. She wrote the Angelic Heroes Trilogy about minorities chosen to fulfill a prophecy and destined to become angels of life, love and truth in a dark world. Many of Cowan Jr.'s books depict strong female minorities as the lead characters including the Elemental Angels Series. She also plans to write paranormal romance her first novel being My Amoretto.