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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:100
  • eBook ISBN:9780983969334

Fast Dog - Cool Cat - Hot Dog and The Peanut Butter Trail

by Arnold Haber

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Comet, a 4 year old retired racing greyhound finds himself living in Queens, New York with a new family: Rob and Jesse Brooks and their 8 year old daughter, Patty. Not only that but Comet has made fast friends with Igloo, an Alaskan malamute (very big, very strong) and Rodrigo, the Spanish cat. Rodrigo is the unofficial alcalde (mayor) of the neighborhood, knowing everything and everyone. His friends decide to teach Comet how to get along in his new home. The story deals with their relationships and adventures in the big city as Comet learns how to navigate the streets, what it means to be a friend and get along with people and how to survive the risks and dangers of big city life.


If you were a retired racing greyhound, say, about four years old and you could with yourself anywhere to live, you'd probably pick a place with lots of running room, warm sun, shade and gentle breezes, right? WRONG! Not our hero, Comet. He finds himself plunked down in the Fresh Meadows neighborhood of Newq York City. Adopted by Rob and Jesse Brooks and their eight year old daughter, Patty, he's faced with a new family and a new place to live that has nothing what ever to do with racing or race tracks. How's a guy to get through all that? Why, with a mentor like Rodrigo de Santana, the Spanish cat who's the unofficial mayor of the neighborhood. Rodrigo is joined by Igloo the gentle giant, an Alaskan malamute (very big and very strong) in teaching Comet how to get along in this strange new place. The story chronicles their adventures as they meet an old enemy, the bully, Frankie Jessup. He and his gang have been after Patty and her schoolmates ever since kindergarten and now that they're all in middle school things are getting worse and scarier. The Traveling Day celebration, sponsored by the local middle school is scheduled to end in a bike race through the neighborhood. Frankie and his gang plan to hi-jack the race and wind up the winner. The sudden onset of a snowstorm no one predicted catches the neighborhood and the racers completely unprepared. The terrible trio, Comet, Rodrigo and Igloo, decide to take a hand and try to rescue the kids from the storm and from Jessup. How? Can they? Will they? How will this all end up? It's all in the story, my friends...

About the author

Arnold Haber, Arne to his friends, is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn and currently living in the Oakland Gardens section of Queens. A retired pharmacist and community health planner, Arne spends his time exchanging tall tales with folks involved with the loving and caring of greyhounds and other sighthounds on Facebook or writing fiction about his adventures with Sweets, his heart dog, a 14 year old retired racing greyhound. Although Sweets passed away in November 2010, they had been partners for eleven years and that relationship produced the creating and publishing of several short stories as well as two novels to date. Sweets was and remains Arne's muse and inspiration. "He had a real appetite for pizza, pasta and peanut butter," Arne recalls fondly. The two friends could usually be found strolling through the neighborhood, greeting friends, chatting with students from the nearby high school and community college and waving to passers-by. Or back home again, kicking back, listening to jazz and writing stories.