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  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:68
  • eBook ISBN:9781929860050

Enlightenment Made Simple

A Practical Guide to what Psychologists, Scientists, and Spiritual Masters say about the Nature of Reality

by David Bognar

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Enlightenment Made Simple is an astonishing, easy to read, synthesis of science, psychology and spiritual masters on the topic of spiritual enlightenment. It summarizes the answers to the “big questions of life” while revealing the “secret” of enlightenment, and why, ultimately, there is nothing to fear. Enlightenment Made Simple is a revolutionary and practical understanding of our true nature and the worlds we live in. It combines metaphysics and quantum mechanics with a fundamental missing ingredient — the psychology of spirituality. This book reveals the role of emotions, how to make popular spiritual techniques work, and provides relief from fear and suffering. Enlightenment Made Simple is a truly remarkable field guide to emotional well-being and spiritual enlightenment.
Enlightenment Made Simple is a concise and slightly irreverent synthesis of the basics of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern psycho-spirituality. An expert researcher has summarized the prominent literature pertaining to the “big questions of life,” revealing the “secret” of enlightenment. Enlightenment Made Simple provides people with an understanding of their true nature, their power to create, and how, ultimately, there is nothing to fear. Enlightenment Made Simple is the culmination of a lifelong research project into the “big questions” of life. Greek philosophers called this knowledge “theosophia” or “divine wisdom.” It has been referred to as “the perennial philosophy”, “the great tradition’, and “the wisdom of the ages.” Enlightenment Made Simple, explains this ancient wisdom, and the mechanics of emotions essential to spiritual and emotional well being. It includes critical psychological information missing from books like The Power of Now and The Secret needed to make those techniques work. Most importantly, Enlightenment Made Simple reveals the “secret” of enlightenment capable of providing release from fear, pain and suffering.
About the author
David Bognar is a researcher/writer who researched, wrote and produced the award winning documentary Cancer: Increasing Your Odds for Survival hosted by Walter Cronkite where he first presented leading edge research on mind/body medicine and spirituality. He is motivated by the fact that many people lack access to simple information about psychology and spirituality that can significantly reduce suffering and help people enjoy life more. Enlightenment Made Simple is a psycho-spiritual primer that reports on information gathered during 40 years of research into the big questions of life, death and the nature of reality. By presenting this information, in a concise and easy-to-understand manner, he hopes that greater numbers of people will benefit from this knowledge that was previously difficult to find and understand.