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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Substance Abuse & Addictions / Drugs
  • Language:English
  • Pages:314
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543912296

Drugged to Death

"The Health Crisis of Our Generation"

by Tom Jefferson

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Drugged to Death: How America’s Addiction to Heroin & Opiate Prescription Painkillers Became “The Health Crisis of Our Generation” is a compilation of seven (7) years of exhaustive research, almost thirty (30) years of active clinical experience, and a collective research effort encompassing hundreds of studies, articles and the like (12-source pages) for dissemination. This book contains 19 chapters spanning 314 pages (6” x 9"). The book has 90,577 words, has simple images and easy-to-read, impactful graphs, has a fully illustrated eye-catching front and back cover, and includes dozens of quotes from researchers, medical doctors, government officials and reporters. The book is devoted to defining the prescription drug epidemic we face, including how we got where we are, how Big Pharma created it and continues to profit from it, how the FDA is under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry, how unscrupulous medical doctors and pharmacists have become the new drug dealers, and what you can do to save yourself or a loved one. It is a riveting tale written in a manner that will touch your heart and fire up your spirit to save humanity. In essence, it’s about change; and change is exactly what we need right now! Having killed 560,000 Americans already, 65,000 last year alone, every single day another 178 people perish with thousands more becoming addicted. Hopefully, the information in this book will you save lives and help us all end this horrible epidemic for a better tomorrow!
This book, “How America’s Addiction to Heroin & Opiate Prescription Painkillers Became “The Health Crisis of Our Generation,” is needed because the Opioids Epidemic has cost the lives of 560,000 Americans who died of opiate overdose with 50 million more being addicted to these powerful drugs. President Trump recently declared the Opioids Epidemic a, “National Emergency.” U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy describes the current Opioids Epidemic as “The Health Crisis of Our Generation.” CDC Director, Tom Frieden, MD, MPH is quoted as saying, “The Opioid Epidemic is devastating American families and communities. “ People are literally dying in their cars with their kids in the back seat, dying in the aisles of local markets with their kids pulling at their limp bodies with 65,000 dying just last year according to the New York Times due to a prescription opioids crisis that continues to spiral out of control. That’s a whopping 178 people per day who died of overdose in America in 2016. Opioids overdose deaths, including heroin and opioid pain relievers, hit record levels in 2015 and are rising dramatically. In fact, according to the CDC, the #1 cause of death in the 50-and-under age group is opiate overdose. With no end in sight for this horrible epidemic, the timing for this book couldn’t be better. This book is about the subject of heroin & opioids addiction and how serious it is in the context of the current crisis we’re in. This book exposes the crisis, manufactured by and for the pharmaceutical industry, solely in the name of profit, pointing out that Purdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin, paid over $600 million in fines to the Justice Department, which pales in comparison to the $3.1 Billion they collected selling this powerfully addictive drug. In their effort to increase sales, Big Pharma hired an army of sales representatives to encourage doctors, hospitals and teaching institutions into buying their deadly drugs, all at the expense of the American consumer. They used money, sex, lies and deception to obtain their objective: selling as many drugs as possible. The FDA itself has been exposed as being too cozy and being influenced too heavily by the very drug manufacturers they were supposed to be protecting us from. This epidemic has lead to many families literally being torn apart by the ravages of addiction. In many states, prescriptions for powerful opiate drugs outnumber the population in those states. States with the highest rates of overdose due to opiates are WV, NM, NH, KY, TN and OH. In Tennessee alone, 1 in 6 people are addicted to opiates, often becoming addicted after receiving a prescription of opiate painkillers. In one simple study, over 90% of the homeless began their downward spiral in life beginning with an opiate painkiller prescribed by their doctor. With the ever exploding homeless situation sweeping across the U.S., this has had very serious consequences, affecting millions of Americans. One would think that our government would be taking drastic steps to curb this epidemic but, surprisingly, it seemingly is dragging its feet, only now beginning to do something about it. Perhaps it is due to the $880 million in campaign contributions given by the pharmaceutical industry for campaigns favorable to Big Pharma. Perhaps it’s due to the FDA board, even the directors themselves, being staffed by Big Pharma or having ties to the pharmaceutical industry. This book highlights how many police departments and emergency first-responders are simply exhausted and utterly overwhelmed by this epidemic. Many police officers, and their drug sniffing dogs, are overdosing just from exposure to but a few grains of powerful opiates like fentanyl and carfentanil. Coroner’s offices have rented out refrigerated trucks to hold all of the bodies. It's a disaster and it’s time something is done about this horrible epidemic. This book is a tremendous start.
About the author
Dr. Tom is a chiropractor of almost 30 years experience helping thousands in their quest for better health. He got into the healing art of chiropractic for one sole purpose – to save lives. As such, after years of experience, he still wants to make an impact and change people’s lives for the better. Wanting to stop the insanity of what we call healthcare today —sickness based, profit before patient, opiate-drug driven, millions injured and addicted, and thousands dying annually, he promotes a healthy change to shift us into a new direction of health and healing, Asking himself, “What more can I do,” he has written this book to simply save lives. People will love this book because it speaks the truth – that healing doesn’t come from swallowing a bunch of pills or from removing valuable organs, but, from within from one’s own innate healing ability. A quick note about Dr. Tom, the author of this book: He is a practicing chiropractor living in the Hawaiian Islands. He sees hundreds of patients a week in over 30 years in his devotion to God and humanity. Being a humble man, he is always giving God the credit for healing the people he sees. The best thing is his patients know it! Here’s just a sampling of what his patients had to say about him in one day on social media: “This man is amazing. I was very skeptical about chiropractors, this man changed that instantly” M.Y. “We love Dr. Aloha. They are a blessing to us!” A.H. “its true a.simple adjustment can help with sickness.” K.K. “OK FIRST OF ALL I NEED TO SAY THIS!! I AM AMAZED BY DR. ALOHA!! I WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO GIVE A TESTIMONIAL.” T.P. “No lie. This man knows his stuff!!!!” N.K. “He’s a blessing, just seen him this morning.” T.D. “He is AMAZING!!!...He’s a gift from God. Truly.” S.S. “I love Dr. Aloha.” S.U. “Dr. Tom is the best!” K.S. “He’s da bomb.” D.K.