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  • SubGenre:Investments & Securities / Stocks
  • Language:English
  • Pages:12
  • eBook ISBN:9781483550220

Double Bet Investor

Learn How To Invest Stock Like Billionaire

by Realino Adi Wijaya

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This eBook will explain to you how to invest in the stock market with " Double Bet Investor styles." With this style author expect investor will invest their money in the stock market without any fear, always win and they can sleep well without any worry.
In the beginning, i don't know about how to invest in stock. I choose any company i like. It doesn't matter whether it is a big company or small company, as long they have a lot of good news at that time, I bought the stock of that company. Then after i bought that stocks i felt nervous and look it up every time, every day. Sometimes when the price goes down a little bit, i felt scare and i sold that stock. Which means I lost money at that time. I did that many times, and sometimes i became daily trader carrying a lot of risk. Until someday, i take some time to think a little bit. I ask myself, what's wrong with me. Why can't I win when I play in the stock market. I know for some people they think play the stock market is gambling. But later I realized stock market is about good investment that everyone can do it. Why we need to be losers? Why billionaire can make money from the stock market? How do they play the stock market very well? and how come when the market goes down they are not scared at all? Then i think about one strategy that people can be win always, fearless and they can sleep well while they play the stock market. We can use this style to win the market. This style is called " DOUBLE BET INVESTORS "
About the author
About Author I was born 1981 at Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. So when i wrote this book i'm 34 years old. I finished my education as new product development and economic management major at Petra Christian University, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia at 2006. My favorite lesson at that time was marketing strategy and i received an A score. I'm good with creating new strategies for selling new product. I'm the oldest son, and i have one brother and one sister. All my family is still in Indonesia. I decided to move to New York, USA to find better opportunity for my life. I believe New York is blessed city, and I believe I can reach my dreams here, and hope GOD will open the way for me. I arrived in new york on december 2006. At that time i worked as a waiter at a japanese restaurant in manhattan. I learn a lot about western culture, about how they eat with family, how they hang out and enjoy some dinner with friends and family. Then at 2013, I decided to change job and work as a taxi driver. At this point i learn a lot of things. I have a lot of customers that works at Wall Street. And finally they tell me about the stock market. How to play and make money from stock market. Also they advise me to read a lot about the global news and about the new trends right now. Finally at this point i learn to trade stock day by day. My eyes keep looking around for companies that are always busy and have a lot of customers, while I'm driving a cab on the street every day. For example I looked at coca cola business and pepsi business are always busy. Their truck is almost every where to deliver their products. Fedex business are also busy and maintained their daily activities. Starbuck and Mc.donalds are always busy. They have loyal customers that always come back to buy their products. Now i know what business is really good and what business is not that good and some of them might not survive in the future. Let's learn together about how to play stock like billionaire. And i will show you little recipes to do that. Before we go forward, i want you to know about some style that are usually used by investor to trade their stock at this time.
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