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  • SubGenre:Spiritualism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:343
  • eBook ISBN:9781922219916

Don't Blame God

by Alexandra Shankland

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An up front and brutally honest account of forty eight years of living with spirit; why it is not a party trick and the cautionary tale of how uneducated dabbling in the spirit world almost destroyed her as much as it had saved her. Alexandra tells the often tragic and sometimes hilarious true story of her interactions with those she refers to as ‘the Others,’ and why it is vitally important we all understand the real reason they communicate with the living and the effect they have on the choices we make.
The true account of a stolen childhood, a broken adulthood and a search for answers from spirit in the wake of a shattered faith in humankind. As a child Alexandra was convinced she was abnormal; abused and damaged by violent parents, her story tells of an incredible journey and how she came to realize there are answers out there for everyone and not just her. Insisting she be examined by specialist medical professionals to ensure she wasn't mad, mentally ill or brain damaged, her awareness and ability to communicate in the afterlife eventually gave her a new life, a purpose and ultimately, peace within. From as early as she can remember to the age of 48 Alexandra recounts the experiences that have lead her to believe that the spirit world is much more than we perceive it to be and not just a tool for finding out what comes next. Her discussions with those she calls "the Others" include who or what God really is, where it all started and what "life" is like over there. Alexandra broaches contraversial subjects such as how we die and why we die, as well as lightening the mood with some of her hilarious accounts of channelling more well known souls such as Elizabeth Taylor and Anna Nicole Smith. ​ With a strong personal voice Alexandra not only bares her own soul, but a little of everyone else's too.
About the author
Born in the British Midlands in the 1960’s to abusive parents, Alexandra assumed there was no way out of the living hell that was her childhood. Raised by a mother, father and later stepfather who were later prosecuted for their child cruelty, Alexandra unwittingly discovered the spirit world, initially as a means of escape to avoid the horror of her formative years. Not realizing until she was in her early twenties that her experiences were far from ordinary, she then began a personal quest to discover more about the after-life, direct from the source. Following a more than twenty year career in business management and corporate rescue, writer and speaker Alexandra Shankland now devotes her energies to sharing her research into spirituality, life after death and where she believes its place in the modern world really is. Alexandra is currently working on Don’t Blame Me, her second book