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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:530
  • eBook ISBN:9781483543352

Done & Dusted

by Patrick Nafzger

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Done & Dusted A no nonsense fiction thriller set in London that follows the daring escapades of a male Protagonist, a London thoroughbred hell bent on justice. A dashing young property Entrepreneur based in Holland Park London is lured away from his daily routine and enters a web of deceit. Former MI5 agent David Brinkley inadvertently discovers a mobile phone; little did he know what its contents would lead to? Is this phone a curse or a blessing? Ever since he was a kid curiosity has always led him into the unknown. A kidnapping occurs; he and his team of skilled tradesmen within the building industry attempt to rescue a nine year old girl from a ruthless bunch of terrorists. He was trained by the best, his team were not. With his athletic physique; lightning reflexes a skill in unarmed combat the action begins.
Scarlet pimpernel and Sherlock Holms eat you heart out, what unfolds turns out to be his toughest challenge yet. Although possessing a cockney lilt he can verbally adapt his speech to address any situation he is confronted with. A unique bond develops between him and his doppelganger foreman Stuart. Romance weaves its way in to complicate matters and heads are put on the block. Being orthodox is not his penchant, rules and regulations are there to be broken and being of a unique character he breaks many. After all there's 50 million US at stake. Who is the Soothsayer and who is the Puppet Master? This develops into a crime with a plot more complex than Hampton Court Maze.
About the author
Born and bred in London, having been an entrepreneur in sales fashion music and property since the age of twenty three years old, circumstances have allowed me to govern my own destiny. I have always kept a diary of my life's journey and more often than not written poignant incidents in my life in a rhyming format, a penchant I developed at a very early age. My diary's over the years serve as a fuel tank of interesting rhyming snippets that can be drained and topped up at will. Writing has always been for me an essential emotional outlet in times of deep joy and sadness. I am a people watcher, an observer of life. My tendency is to analyse people and situations much the same as a psychologist would and up until now my work has been mainly biographical. I have self published two books on e Books...... Explanations from a Londoner. And Viagra Fools. Three more books have been added to my arsenal of written works and are ready to go. Essential jokes for ice breaking moments. This can be described as a compilation of jokes quotes and humour. Poetic Justice. This consists of all my poems written in a categorised format. It dawned on me that it was time I wrote a thriller. Done & Dusted. My website www.patricknafzger.com