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  • SubGenre:Divorce & Separation
  • Language:English
  • Pages:164
  • eBook ISBN:9781667866659
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667866642

Divorce: A Survivor’s Guide

by Nancy J. Wells

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Divorce is messy from beginning to end.  Whether it catches you by surprise or it's something you want, divorce unsettles your life.  You're making legal and life-changing decisions at a vulnerable time, most probably without practical experience or an understanding of the legal system.  It's too easy to be confused and overwhelmed.  Understanding the process will help you prepare for your own divorce.  It brings order from chaos and presents divorce in a logical understandable way.  A case study of my own recent nightmare divorce is examined as a cautionary example of what to do, what to avoid, and most importantly, how to survive it.


If you were to ask, "Is it possible to have a smooth divorce?" I would say that yes, it is.  But some divorces are not smooth.  And not just un-smooth, but pretty damn awful.  Of the divorces which fall into the awful category I expect there are many levels of awfulness, ranging from just slightly awful to horror movie awful.  My recent second divorce was one of those.  It was the polar opposite of smooth and I would rate it as horror movie awful.  As I discovered, the alternative of a smooth divorce can grind you into the ground.  My recent divorce took two years to complete.  Twenty-four long months of money worries, money payments, and money wasted.  Twenty-four months of strategy discussions, legal options, and thousands of emails.  It's too easy to be confused or overwhelmed.  Sometimes making the right decision, sometimes making the wrong one, and sheer hell all the way.  It was a long, tedious and painful process.  A process which I was unprepared for.

This book helps you prepare for your own divorce.  It brings order from chaos and presents divorce in a logical understandable way.  I guide you through the divorce process with clear explanations, next steps, tips for working with your attorney, and what you should know.  All aspects of divorce are discussed -- legal, emotional, and financial.  Checklists, questions, and a negotiation grid are provided, along with a case study of my recent divorce nightmare, as tools to assist you in your own road to divorce.  

Review from Joe Wisinski, Reader’s Favorite

Every person going through a divorce, or thinks they may in the foreseeable future, needs to read Divorce: A Survivor’s Guide. It's no exaggeration to say that it may save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Even more importantly, it will save you some of the inevitable emotional turmoil during this life-changing process. Nancy J. Wells has been there, done that, and she leaves nothing unaddressed in describing what potential situations lie ahead in the divorce process. Wells wisely doesn't assume we know anything about the process. Instead, she defines legal terms in easy-to-understand language, addresses the mental turmoil, and advises those who might find themselves amid a divorce. I found Well’s frank admission of her feelings beneficial; it was good to learn that another person experienced my emotions.

About the author

Nancy J. Wells has lived through divorce twice in New York State and offers her experience to help others survive the process.

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