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  • SubGenre:Mysticism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:240
  • eBook ISBN:9780929052618

Divine Wisdom

Truth to Live By

by Honorable Sir Dr. Nandan

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This scripture is beyond the range of other scriptures like you have read or are familiar with. This scripture is a direct revelation from the Inexhaustible Cosmic Supreme-Chief Who permeates the entire cosmos all by Himself and Who is fully self-satisfied, full of wisdom, full of love, full of intelligence, full of glory, full of powers, and fully conscious of Himself immortally, and Who has no time frame. He is perpetual, ageless, and timeless. I have been directed to reveal this knowledge contained in this scripture to educate people as to what the Supreme-Chief of the cosmos Himself would love to reveal to you for your eternal benefits. Everything contained in this scripture is sincere, truthful, verifiable, dependable, honest, and authentic. No false stories, no make-believe in items or gimmicks will be found in this scripture. This scripture is revealed for the most significant benefit of humankind lost in false knowledge of wrong religions, bogus philosophies, ignorant ideas of psychology and psychiatry, which mislead people. By following the directions of this revealed scripture, you will move in a right and a beneficial direction and save yourself from getting into troubles ahead and after death. Death is the real issue of life. Hence, very accurate knowledge on how to live and what to do while on earth is absolutely necessary to meet the challenge of DEATH lurking ahead and the challenge of the present life that suffers unnecessarily and foolishly due to the false and wrong knowledge practiced and relied upon, supplied by ignorant religions, foolish teachers, and bad books. Do you know that your body is the central cause of your suffering on earth because it enslaves you and forces you to do many things to satisfy it? Similarly, you are a slave to this world, which enslaves you for getting what you need from it. To get out of the slavery of both the body and the world, this scripture is specifically revealed so that you find the Eternal Freedom of t
From the beginning to the end of this revelation, extensive care has been taken to ensure that the knowledge contained in this scripture is accurate, correct, authentic, reliable, and trustworthy. Yes, this is a noble scripture of all kinds of revelations from the body to mind to soul to the Cosmic Supreme Being. It guides you on how to attain Him Who is the greatest mystery of the cosmos. You will need no other scripture of this universe after you read it and study it and apply it in your daily life. It has the complete metaphysical knowledge of everything you wish to know for your best future here and hereafter. In this scripture, a new term, sodol, is introduced. This is the most important item about which you must be fully informed. "Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you think, whatever you imagine, whatever you plan—consciously or unconsciously or subconsciously—forms a load of a segment of a thought that gets lodged and accumulated into your mind as the property of the mind: This formation and accumulation, which is a Cosmic phenomenon, will be referred to, in this scripture, as a sodol, a segment of a deed of your life, of your action and your speech associated with the attitude in which the action is performed and the speech is done." A sodol will yield its results in the future course of your life in exact accordance with its nature. Chapter Zero gives you exact ideas about this physical creation as to what it is. Whatever the physical creation is and whatever the dwellers in it are so because of the long process of evolution from no-life to human-life. Life started from a single thought that interacted with the matter in the right conditions to form a physical body; then the thought engulfed itself into the body formed. The engulfed thought began to create more thoughts that formed a mind. Discarding the old body, the mind began to create a new body. And this process of creation of bodies after bodies became a universal phenomenon. As you know that there are three processes of creation of bodies—sexual, asexual, and fission—the entire creation is obsessed with the creation of bodies after bodies. And there will never an end of this obsession until the earth acquires infinite entropy, and thus the earth becomes totally dull and unproductive. To live relatively in a safe mode in this complex world without many troubles, apply the "The First Principle of Existence of Every Life" given in this Chapter Zero. Chapter One gives you the correct and clear knowledge of the TRUTH, the Absolute Supreme Being Who is invisible to human eyes. He is the basis of this entire creation; He is the upholder of all lives and all physical entities, such as all galaxies (several billion), all black holes (millions). Chapter Two describes what the physical cosmos is and how it came into existence. Chapter Three gives you an exact idea of how biological life came into existence and its future. Chapter Four describes the body and its limitations. Chapter Five clearly depicts what MIND is within the body of a man, and how it is formed. Not many people know this mystery of mind within man, but everybody keeps using it and gets directions from it. Chapter Six shows you the right procedure on how to retain your breath so that you can see your mind within you—along with the self-shining soul captivated by the mind—and also have a glimpse of the Divine Cosmic Spirit Who surrounds your mind within your body. Chapter Seven informs you correctly as to what the soul is within you as you. He is an immortal component of the Divine Cosmic Spirit and is an infinitesimal fraction of Him Who permeates the entire cosmos. Chapter Eight describes your subtle body that is made up of consciousness and is a three-dimensional envelope enclosing your body. Its contour fits your body exactly in size and shape both. Chapter Nine reveals the secret of a thought, how it is formed and how it creates a mind. Chapter Ten reveals here in this scripture
About the author
The author of this book has found the Highest Light of Immortal Wisdom, which is the deep mystery of Life and Death. He wishes you to know some secrets about the mystery of life. His books give you some knowledge for you to utilize in your practical life for a beneficial and peacefully happy future. It only depends upon you to practice it and to benefit yourself from it or to neglect it and to remain in the same cart where you had been before reading his wonderfully unique scripture. In 1975, after receiving a confidential message from That Unknown Being (Whom he found later), he gave up his occupation as a professor at a university in Midwest and dedicated his time and life to discover the secret of life. On Pacific Coast, he meditated again—after his previous practice of several years with some temporary breaks to look after his financial needs by working as a professor at various universities—with a fresh hope that the goal was within his reach now—and the Supreme Revelation occurred to him; he found the Ultimate Answer to the mystery of life and death.