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  • SubGenre:Personal Memoirs
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Destination Sociopath
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:225
  • eBook ISBN:9781483525853

Destination Sociopath

Phase 1, Narcissism

by A.T.Dubya

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‘Destination Sociopath: Phase 1 Narcissism,’ is a four book series that chronicles a young man’s unsuspecting journey toward becoming a sociopath. Each book highlights a different type of personality disorder that is developed before this unique destination is finally reached.
The twenty-two-year-old me is thoroughly enjoying life in Southern California. I have a promising career, a beautiful girlfriend, a healthy family, and an envious social life as I party around town with my best friend. Then, in a dramatic reversal of fortune, I find myself depressed and diagnosed with Mixed Personality Disorder NOS. The anguish of the last seven years of my life has not only left me in a pit of despair, but it has unknowingly set into motion a series of personality disorders that have completely altered my view of love and society. Unable to manage my mental evolution, I embark on a relentless journey of deceit, sabotage, and revenge as I try to piece together my shattered life the only way I know how. Narcissism (which has been deemed by my psychologist to be the cornerstone of my mental eccentricity), is the first phase of this chaotic journey, and while the egotistical tendencies of this personality allow me to function quite successfully in the superficial world I live, my actions and motivations for retribution leave a path of misery and destruction in their wake as my relationships with the outside world begin to unravel. It’s painfully clear that I must soon decide my fate. Will I discover through introspection how to endure the tragedies that have befallen me, or will I succumb to my newly acquired sociopathic tendencies and risk sacrificing not only my soul, but a little thing called sanity, forever. Please visit the Destination Sociopath website for a more detailed look into my world.
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